What to do if you're behind on your bills & struggling to catch up via #NotQuiteAnAdult
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What To Do When You’re Behind on Bills & Are Struggling To Catch Up

  We’ve all experienced that¬†overwhelming¬†feeling when you get a bill in the mail but you have zero idea how you’re going to pay it. For some, this is a monthly occurrence. For others, this only happens once a while. But no matter what the situation, it’s a scary and stressful …

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13 Habits of Debt Free People

  One of my¬†most popular¬†blog posts of all time is¬†10 Daily Habits of Frugal People and I totally understand why. I’m fascinated by the habits of people who are better at something than I am, so it’s important to learn these kinds of things! Every person I know would¬†love¬†to someday …