10 Things You MUST Buy To Save Money

10 Things You MUST Buy to Save Money in the long run! Sometimes it makes the most sense to spend a bit extra money and make better decisions in the long run, this awesome blog post outlines 10 things that will save you a ton of money longterm #frugal #familyfinance #moneyA few months ago I wrote a blog post called “10 items you should STOP buying to save you money” and it seemed to be very popular! I was on Pinterest last week brainstorming blog topics and saw that Caroline Vencil did a blog post with things you SHOULD buy to save money and thought this was an awesome idea!

So, here are 10 things that I’ve purchased in the last year that have saved me money and that I use all the time! 


#1 – Reusable Water Bottle

This is honestly one of the purchases I love most and that I use every single day! A reusable water bottle allows you to stay hydrated all day, everyday and saves you from always needing to purchase a beverage for lunch at work or school.

A bonus about a reusable water bottle is that it not only saves you money, but it makes you a lot healthier! You won’t need to be purchasing soda and other unhealthy drinks because you’ve got your water!

When it comes to water bottles, I’ve owned probably about 50 in my life. I lose them, I break them, I drop them. But I never regret them. I highly suggest this one from Amazon, it’s the one I have now and it may be one of my all-time favs!


#2 – A Water Filter

This goes right along with the reusable water bottle idea. My household has been going through a 9 month kitchen renovation so we were purchasing water bottles and it made me feel really bad about the environment and the impact we were having.

So, I bought us a PURPLE (seriously, it’s so cute) Brita Water Filter and a couple reusable water bottles and now we’re doing our thing to help the environment and saving money not having to buy water every week!


#3 – An Instant Pot 

This one is definitely one of the most expensive items on this list, but I promise you it’s saved me a bunch of money. I’m no chef, let’s be honest here. I can’t really cook, I just kind of make it up as I go and try and find the easiest recipes possible! That’s where the instant pot comes into play. 

If you’ve never heard of an Instant Pot then boy, your life is about to change. Instant Pot’s are a pressure cooker, a crockpot, and so much more. I’ve made some of the most delicious recipes in the instant pot including homemade popcorn! Ahhhh, just search Pinterest for the recipes and you can thank me later. 


#4 – Thermos 

Every day I make my little sister (she’s 10) lunch and she hates sandwiches. She always wants a hot lunch and sometimes that can get quite expensive. The best alternative was to get her a thermos and start sending her with some of her favourite warm foods!

Ever since we got her a thermos she’s eating more of her lunch and it is much less expensive than it used to be! I wish I had a thermos when I was in college because I’d bring food in it everyday! Check this one out on Amazon!  


#5 – Reusable Glass Containers 

One of the absolute best ways to save money is to bring your lunch to work or to meal prep your dinners! You kind of need some decent containers to meal prep with ease and personally I prefer glass over plastic because they last longer (unless you drop them, haha)! 

Having decent meal plan containers can make your food last longer too! These ones from Amazon are seriously awesome, they have two sections and are dishwasher and microwave safe! 


#6 – Reusable Shopping Bags 

Okay, okay, using reusable shopping bags isn’t going to make you a millionaire but it will save you a few dollars a month! Another awesome thing about using reusable bags is that when the cashier says “do you need bags?” and you say “no, thanks, I’ve got some” you’re gonna feel pretty freaking cool. Bonus: You’re helping the environment! 

These shopping bags are the coolest because they have rods that make them fit perfectly into a shopping cart! They’re so awesome. Like seriously. I’m such an old lady now, who gets this excited about shopping bags?


#7 – A Popsocket 

Popsockets are a relatively new thing, so there’s a serious chance you’ve never even hear of one, but it’s about to change your life.

Okay, so let me paint you a picture. Imagine you’re laying in bed with your phone being held up by your arms at the end of a long day. You’re scrolling Instagram and BOOM you drop your phone on your face. Guess what? That would never happen if you had a popsocket! A popsocket honestly just gives you an easier way to hold you phone that allows your fingers to be under less stress to hold it! 

Obviously, dropping your phone on your face in bed doesn’t cost you money. But I’m a chronic phone screen destroyer. I’ve smashed 4 iPhone screens in my life but haven’t done it since I got a popsocket on my phone. Coincidence? I think not! You can save hundreds of dollars on new phone screens by just buying this small $10 piece of plastic. Best purchase I’ve ever made. 


#8 – Bobby Pin Container 

Any girl reading will 100% understand the struggle of bobby pins disappearing. They’re the worst. They end up everywhere when you don’t need them but you can never find one when you do need one. What’s the best way to combat the horrible tragedy of bobby pin disappearance? A Bobby Pin Container, of course! 

I bought this exact container (but in purple because I love purple) like 2 years ago and I swear I buy bobby pins way less often than I used to. I swear this small purchase saves me at least $20 a year, how silly is that! 


#9 – Hair Cutting Scissors 

I have the most basic hair cut in the entire universe, like I have never gone into a hair dresser and asked for anything extravagant so recently I just decided to learn how to cut my own hair. This may sound odd to some people but it saves me like $40 every 3 months which really adds up over the course of a year.

Originally, I started doing it with regular kitchen scissors, then a pair of manicure scissors, and I’m finally upgraded to a real pair of hair cutting scissors which is VERY exciting. You can save hundreds of dollars by not paying for hair cuts. 


#10 – Hot Beverage Thermos

Anybody who knows me knows that I very much don’t like hot beverages but there are some days where my stomach hurts or my throat hurts and I just need some tea! I don’t love drinking out of mugs because I’m a mess and I spill things all the time.

I love myself a good hot drink thermos because it closes and it’s good for travel! This Contigo one from Amazon is perfect because not only does it come in like every single colour, but it’s also the perfect size for someone who doesn’t love hot drinks. 


Do you have any suggestions for things that you’ve purchased that actually SAVE you money?


10 Things You MUST Buy to Save Money in the long run! Sometimes it makes the most sense to spend a bit extra money and make better decisions in the long run, this awesome blog post outlines 10 things that will save you a ton of money longterm #frugal #familyfinance #money

Taylor O'Halloran

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  1. This was a good read! Sometimes investing in strategic items is the best way to save!

    1. Taylor O'Halloran says:

      It really is! Thanks for stopping by

  2. Thanks for sharing! I agree that the water related items are a great money saver, as long as you remember to bring the water bottle with!

    1. Taylor O'Halloran says:

      It’s always the worst when you have the supplies but forget it at home and end up buying water anyway haha

  3. Being a big coffee drinker, it took a period of working from home to realise how much I was spending on ‘take out’ coffee when in the office. I have just got myself an ecoffee cup to remind me to make my own and even when I do stop at a coffee house, the drink is cheaper for bringing my own cup!

    1. Taylor O'Halloran says:

      I used to work at a coffee shop and we gave discounts to people with their own cup as well! It pays for itself

  4. OK, OK, this may have been the push I needed to go ahead and get an Instapot! Great list — thanks!

    1. Taylor O'Halloran says:

      Do it! We had a kitchen remodel and ate only from an instant pot for three monthsb

  5. Do you think the Brita container properly filters the water? Ive worried its not enough and that’s why I keep buying bottled water.

    1. Taylor O'Halloran says:

      It definitely does! I’ve been using one for years on and off and I think it tastes better than bottled water.

  6. I use pretty much everything here except for the bobby pin holder (I should get one) and the thermos. I love my popsocket, too!

    1. Taylor O'Halloran says:

      Popsockets are LIFE CHANGING. And Yeeeessss, the bobby pin holder is the best, get your hands on one

  7. OMG the bobby pin container is genius. I swear i lose these all the time

    1. Taylor O'Halloran says:

      Right? If they have a home they can’t escape…

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