2017 Gift Guide for the Stationery & Planner Lover!

2017 Gift Guide for the Stationery & Planner Lover!

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These honestly may seem like some of the lamest things to buy a person for Christmas or their birthday but seriously, I’d love to get any one of these things as a gift. And if you know someone who is into stationary and planning or someone who works at home, I bet they’d love it too. 

gift guide for the stationary and planner lover 2017

Planner Stuff

2018 Planner // I genuinely don’t know how I’d survive without my planner. Us planner girls use these things to organize our entire lives. A lot of us use them as a creative outlet as well. The best part about planners is that they are absolutely beautiful! More and more companies are making beautiful planners and this is just one example. I’m sure the planner girl in your life would love this one! 

Bloom Planner Stickers // Planner stickers are the perfect thing to pair with a planner and combo gifts are just the best! These bloom planner stickers are not only beautiful but they’re also super helpful when organizing a planner and I’m sure whoever receives these in their stockings will love them! 

30 Rolls of Washi Tape // As someone who’s reading this, I’m going to assume you don’t even know what washi tape is. It’s honestly just small rolls of cutely patterned tape that most people don’t even know exists haha. But I promise you, a stationary lover like me would love some washi tape! Plus, these 30 rolls are a darn bargain. 

PaperMate Felt Tip Pens // The final thing any planner lover is obsessed with is some great felt tip pens. There’s nothing more fun than decorating your planner with tons of different colours and designs! 

Random Stuff

Blue Transparent Clipboard // What does your stationary lover need a clipboard for? I don’t know, but this one’s cute! I’ve had a number of clipboards in my life and used them until they fell apart, this one is my favourite. 

3 Hole-Punch // This may be the most boring thing on this entire list… But who doesn’t love a good 3 hole punch!? Don’t you ever get a paper and not have the ability to put it in a binder because it just decided to not have holes? Problem solved!

Pens, Markers, Highlighters, etc. 

Sharpie Highlighters // There is something so extremely satisfying about these sharpie brand highlighters. They were only launched a few years ago when I was in University. They have a clear section between the actual highlighter and the base of the marker so you can see whatever you’re highlighting. I don’t even think I explained that well… Oh well. They’re wonderful.

24 Sharpie Markers // I’m assuming you’ve used a sharpie permanent marker at some point in your life? Isn’t it fun? They’re great. Imagine having 24 different colours of them. Your stationery loving loved one will be very excited to have this many to be able to label things and organize and do all the things stationery lovers do. 

Square Post-It Notes // Post-it notes are very very important if you’re buying for a work at home stationery lover. We use post-it notes to remind us to do things, to section off our planners, and for so many other things. They’re just multi-purposeful and a great gift. 

Post-it Flags // These post-it flags are going to be a great stocking stuffer for your stationery lover. They let you point your attention to the most important thing on a page and that just makes me excited. 

Organization Stuff

Blue Storage Utility Cart  // If you live in a house with someone who works at home or a woman who loves to plan, chances are you have pens and paper everywhere on the daily. This adorable blue rolling-cart will help to organize all of the things they have! 

Avery Floral Binder // This blog is devoted to budgeting and the best way to organize a budget is through a budgeting binder. This binder would be the perfect home for a wonderful budgeting binder! 

Cute Plastic Dividers w/ Pockets // Well… Who can have a binder without dividers? And who wants boring dividers? These ones have adorable designs and POCKETS. If someone threw this at me as a gift I’d scream. They’re just so cute. 

Chalkboard Wall Calendar // This is an especially good gift for a work from home woman! A nice chalkboard calendar is perfect for organizing schedules for the month because it’s easily erasable and absolutely adorable to boot! 

Beautiful Stuff

2 Rose Gold Pencil Holders // Rose gold is my official favourite colour. It’s so beautiful and these 2 rose gold pencil pots would look incredible in any body’s home office or work office. 

Flower Pencil Case / Cosmetic Bag // I’ve always been a big fan of using cosmetic bags as pencil cases because they’re usually sturdier than something that was made to be a pencil case. Not to mention they come in the cutest patterns. These floral pencil cases are under $5 and absolutely adorable. 

ColorBok Marble Card Stock // Marble has become a really big trend in recent years and this marble card stock paper is just absolutely gorgeous. Cardstock paper can be used for crafts, for organizing, for so many things. It’s beautiful! 




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