The most important thing for the success of a blog is the right blog niche! 

Because a clearly defined niche is the basis for many important decisions: 
The general marketing of the blog, the right audience and the use of social media. 

Without a niche, it is almost impossible to narrow down the target audience and address it specifically. If you have a blog running right now and you realize that none of your posts or the flow of your blog make any sense to you, it is time to revamp.

Decide on your niche, so you can optimize the SEO of your blog, think about your ideal readership and align your social media channels accordingly. Let’s have a look why you should do that!

1. You build solid traffic easier and faster

It is much easier for your readers if they understand at first sight what you are writing about in your blog. On the other hand, it can be extremely confusing if you cover too many topics and your blog does not have a clear message. 

The normal reader (not your acquaintances, friends, etc.) will click on your blog and think: “Okay, so what exactly is the blogger trying to tell me?

2. You Are Perceived As An Expert In Your Niche 

The goal of your blog should always be to be THE expert in your niche. 

In general, the smaller and clearer the niche, the easier it is to become an expert. 

3. You Can Target Your Audience On Social Media 

Apart from the niche, the determination of your target group is actually the most important thing. 

Your analysis will tell you which social media channels you should take seriously. If you aim your blog at young DIY enthusiasts then you have to design, format and write your content accordingly.  

With a younger target audience you want to focus on Instagram and Pinterest. Choose the content that suits your target group: young, bold and always a little different. 

 If you want to blog for older readers, use Facebook more intensively and of course choose a very different content style.

This is How You Will Find Your Niche For Your Blog

First, you have to ask yourself what do you want to write about in your blog?
Something you are passionate about. 
You want to establish yourself as an expert in your niche with your blog. Of course, this only works if you have at least some expertise. 

Secondly, you have to ask yourself who you are writing for: 
Your audience. 
Never forget that you want to solve the problems/questions of your readers with your blog

With your blog you want to share specific knowledge that will help your readers. The most beautiful blog post is of no use if you don’t have readers for it. 

You have to adapt the content of your Blog to your audience – that’s why it is so important to define your readers by a niche! 

If you have difficulties with your readers, you can also start a survey. You can do this in your own circle of friends. You might be surprised by the outcome, but it will give you a good idea how you are being perceived.  

Final Thoughts:

What is your dream blog? Is there room for a new blog in your dream niche?
Many niches, such as lifestyle or fashion are pretty saturated. 

However, I am convinced that you can still gain ground in the big niches with a good and unusual concept. 

Because: Passion is the real driving force behind your blog. If you love fashion and lifestyle, then do it and think carefully about how you can make your topic unique.