You might think a newsletter is outdated and uninteresting for bloggers or small businesses. But that is not the case. Not at all! 

If you focus too much on your social media channels and then wonder why you reach so few users compared to your subscribers, then you have to know this:

The mailing list is still your most important asset, and this article will show you why.

1. The Newsletter Compared To Social Media

You may have noticed that Instagram and facebook regularly change their algorithms and that we as users cannot do anything about this. 

After all, it’s the social media programmers who decide how many users look at their photos and who knows how Instagram and facebook will evolve in the future. The fact is that :

2. You have No Control Over Instagram & facebook.

Here’s an example: if your Instagram website currently has about 50,000 real subscribers; you would think that you would reach almost every one of them with your pictures. 

Unfortunately, that is not the case. 

The way the Instagram algorithm works is that you only reach one third of your subscribers.

Imagine you have created a mailing list instead of Instagram and you want to send an email to all subscribers.
Your e-mail program sends mail to only a third of your subscribers and the others do not receive any mail from you. 

This is exactly how Instagram and Facebook work.

3. The Four Advantages of A Newsletter

1. Nobody can interfere with your email list and nobody can control you with
algorithms. Your newsletter would be send to ALL of your subscribers.

2. A newsletter is much more personal than a message on facebook or Instagram.

3.  A mailing list is a great way to monetize your blog or website later.

4. Emails arrive directly in their inbox and are much more likely to be read and clicked on.

Final Thoughts:

Your goal should always be to create a social media reach and a loyal audience for your blog. 

But now you need to go one step further and make sure that every single person of your audience is on a mailing list.