4 Books That Inspired me to Start my Own Business

4 Books That Inspired me to Start my Own Business


Inspirational books are such a great tool to be able to motivate and inspire you to start a business. All you business owners out there know how important inspiration is to start out. It’s taken me a lot of work and a lot of self-reflection to decide that I am going to be my own boss. I’ve gone through wanting to be about 100 different things and started going down so many different paths.

At one point I wanted to get my doctorate in Psychology. Huh? Who is that girl? I don’t know her.

Books and podcasts and youtube channels can be extremely inspiring and beautiful and really push you into doing something that scares you. If I didn’t read (let’s be real, listen to on audible) these books then I don’t think I’d be where I am today.

So, here are 4 books that motivated the heck out of me to start my own business. All 4 written by successful and inspiring women!

#1. #Girl Boss – Sophia Amoruso

If you aren’t really a reader, the #GirlBoss story has also been turned into a super entertaining Netflix show!

Girl boss is the story of a girl named Sophia who started the incredibly successful clothing brand Nasty Gal. It starts from a small eBay vintage shop she started in her bedroom.

This was one of the most recent things I’ve read that convinced me to go out there on my own.

The stories in this book/television show are relatable as hell and I see quite a bit of myself in Sophia. She’s quirky, sassy, and good at what she does.

This really shows how someone who is struggling to find their purpose and how they can make it and make the big bucks.

If you’re struggling in horrible 9-5 jobs and you know you have a bigger purpose, this book is great for you.

Filled with stories of trials and tribulations and also an insane success, it can really inspire anybody.

When I read this I had been toying around with the idea of my own blog for about 3 years now. 3 YEARS. Why did I waste so much time? Who knows. But this was the book that finally made me jump over that line and do it myself

How to be a BAWSE – Lilly Singh

I’ve been a HUGE fan of iiSuperWomanii for years, Lilly Singh is a Canadian YouTuber who has conquered life and had a ton of fun doing it.

You can tell she hustles every single day. She’s done TV, movies, and posted over a thousand videos on her 2 youtube channels.

If there is any self-made digital woman who should inspire the crap out of you, this is it.

Lilly started out life in Canada, where I’m from! Which makes me love her more. This was the perfect book to read after deciding to start my online business. She gives tips on how to stay motivated, staying humble, and other BAWSE babe skills you’re going to need.

Lilly now lives in Los Angeles in a beautiful home she paid for completely. She works closely with a team she created and who are now her friends. This is my dream (the team and paid off home part, not the LA part).

I want to be able to create a work environment of inspiring and inspired people who want to work hard. One of the many reasons Lilly Singh’s How to be a BAWSE has made this list.


#3. You are a badass – Jen Sincero

This book is the first real “self-help” or “self-development” book I ever read.

I was in a really intense rut, doing the same things and expecting to have tons of money and happiness in my life… Obviously, that doesn’t work.

Jen Sincero talks all about the same kinds of things that are written about in The Secret. I find this to be an easier read and much more relatable.

This book talks all about how you can start living the awesome life you want and just how to get your mindset right so the universe will help you.

There was a time a few months ago when I was really low on cash, I re-read this book and started saying the mantra “Money and Wealth surround me” every single day, numerous times a day.

I ended up getting a gift from my mother of $500 to put towards my trip to Germany in December. I won $100 on scratch tickets, and sold a bunch of stuff and made over $300 on that old junk in a week.

Jen Sincero teaches that whatever you tell yourself every day will become your reality. I’ve started telling myself that I’m going to be a successful blogger and a successful furniture rehabber.

So far, I’ve made a few hundred dollars from the comfort of my own home and I’m so close to where I know I deserve to be.


#4. You are a badass at making money – Jen Sincero

Money. Everybody needs more of it, right?

This book is all about the law of attraction and a poor vs rich mindset.

I was always a little skeptical about the law of attraction until I read these books.

Sincero explains how it is possible to completely change your mindset when it comes to money. The book is all about changing your mind to create a brighter future. 

This book can be helpful if you want to start your own business. Also, tt can help you if you work a 9-5 that you love and you just want to be earning more money doing it.

HIGHLY recommend Sincero.


I hope you guys really check out these books on Amazon or audible and really get inspired to do your own thing! 


xo Taylor 

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