Without strategic email marketing, your business will not survive in the long run. Yes, it takes time to build an e-mail list and social media is the future, but read the article below to find out the reasons why you should create a mailing list.

1. Security

Building your business with social media is very effective and I recommend it to everyone. 

However, Social media platforms are private companies. Accounts can be deleted without notice. If facebook does not agree with your business model or they make a mistake your account is gone.

Even though you can also expand your business with different social media platforms, most of them belong together, such as facebook and instagram.  

In that case if your facebook account is locked, your instagram account won’t be available to you as well.
Therefore, reaching your audience via a mailing list is essential.

 2. Independence 

Social media platforms change their algorithms all the time. You are forced to constantly adapt your content to their algorithms.

With a mailing list you become independent of algorithms. You can control it yourself and nobody can take it away from you.
It is something you won’t lose.

3. Converting Traffic

You have a blog and decent SEO and pinterest traffic, but your audience is just reading the articles in your blog and clicking on them. 

Your traffic doesn’t become new potential customers, it just disappears. A mailing list will allow you to redirect your traffic. This way you can reach your users via email again and stay in touch.

It’s best to strategically add content updates and free gifts to your blog posts to make it valuable for them to give you their email address.

4. Tracking Conversion Rates

Tracking conversion rates for online products using your analytical statistics provided by your social media platforms are sometimes difficult to analyze. 
Mailing lists make it easier to predict conversion rates. 

If you sell a media product online via your mailing list and assuming you have 1000 addresses and out of those 50 buy your product, then your conversion rate is 5% . 
That is a good conversion rate for the launch of a new product online. 

On average, You should always aim for a 5% conversion rate.