Sometimes boredom kicks in and you feel like doing something different with your day. However, if you’re like me, you always have a close eye on your expenditures. And let’s be honest, everything seems to cost money. So what can you do on a nice day off that doesn’t cost you any extra money? Here are some ideas!

1. Go for a walk.
2. Explore your city by bike.
3. Get your friends together to talk.
4. Read a good book again.
5. Do yoga.
6. Play with a pet.
7. Enjoy the sun and take some vitamin D.
8. Play a classic board game.
9. Sort through old photos and photo albums.
10. Watch a sunset.
11. Call a loved one.
12. Play free games on your smartphone.
13. Have a picnic.
14. Meditate and relax.
15. Swim.
16. Help out at your local shelter or soup kitchen.
17. Write your personal wish list.
18. Learn more with free webinars and videos.
19. Take a run.
20. Spend a day at the spa at home.
21. Watch the stars.
22. Brush your garden.
23. Listen to a podcast.
24. Keep a diary.
25. Sing, even if it’s loud and crooked.
26. Invite your friends to a cosy evening.
27. Learn how to knit or crochet.
28. Do a crossword puzzle or solve sodium problems.
29. Take pictures.
30. Write down what you enjoy.
31. Do a big clean-up operation.
32. Play football with your friends.
33. Take time for your partner.
34. Geocaching… …try it.
35. Learn a new language.
36. Play an instrument.
37. Go on a hike.
38. Start writing a book.
39. Help a friend or neighbour.
40. Visit a place of interest.
41. Sleep well.
42. Draw a picture.

I hope you can find one or two things that jump out at you! If you know of other activities that can be done for free, please let me know in the comments below.