5 Days to Frugal FREE Email Course

5 Days to FRUGAL Free Email Course | Learn how to keep a frugal household, how to shop with a frugal mind, and so much more | Frugal Living Tips | Frugal Lifestyle Ideas | How to be Frugal | Frugal living is one of the best ways to start being better with money. When a lot of people hear the word frugal they think of crazy people who shop with coupons and never leave their houses, but that’s not what frugal living is all about!

The whole goal of frugal living is to be more aware of where your money is going and how it’s working for you. Being frugal means being more financially conscious and thinking about what you’re spending before you spend it!

I really want people to have a better understanding of the basics of frugal living, which is why I decided to create a 5-Day FREE Email Course that will teach you a ton of awesome tips and tricks for living a more frugal lifestyle.

In this course, you’ll learn:

  • How to use Mindful Consumption to be more Frugal
  • How to Start a Budget to Organize Your Money
  • Frugal Shopping Tips & Tricks
  • Mastering a Frugal Kitchen
  • and more!

I really hope you guys enjoy the course, and you learn something that will be helpful for your life! If you have any suggestions for additions to the course, please let me know by emailing taylor@notquiteanadult.com




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