Saving money is not always an easy task. The saying that you can only save money when you have money rings very true. It also means that unless we break free, we are always stuck in this no money cycle.

Many people work hard all their lives, but in some situations money is not enough. Living without much money means always having to fight for everyday purchases and unpaid bills.

However, you should not give up immediately, because with a few tips you can help yourself to cope with the lack of money and break free from that seemingly never ending cycle.

Avoid impulse buying

When money is tight, it is particularly important not to buy on impulse. Even if you only save 20 euros a week, it is already a great success. You can do this, for example, by buying coffee to go. With the remaining money you can buy food for the family or use it to pay back the loan.

Cutting up your own credit card saves a lot of money

People are often better off without a credit card if they cannot manage their money. With a credit card, you don’t think twice about buying something. After all, with a credit card you don’t spend physical money that you hold in your hand. To become a responsible shopper, you need to learn new habits and re-educate yourself.

Combine credit

Those who wish to improve their situation can pool outstanding loans. Everything must be taken into account, from the term to the interest rate. Monthly payments can easily be reduced and the money saved can be used to buy important things like clothes or food.

Think carefully before you buy

Before money is wasted, it is best to look for alternative and smart ways to satisfy purchase requests. For example, someone who is angry often needs something that will make him or her happy. Those who associate feelings of happiness and excitement with shopping quickly reach the costly and dangerous abyss of self-destruction.


Recycling is not just about cans and glass bottles. Appliances, CDs, household items and clothing can also be recycled. One person’s trash can be another person’s treasure. Items that are no longer needed can be sold on eBay or on the flea market, saving extra money. Most people throw too many things away without thinking about selling them.

Providing services for family and friends

If you want to save some money, you can offer paid services for your family and friends. Maybe you have a talent and can offer it to help others. If you know how to do this, you can, for example, file tax returns for acquaintances, family or friends and receive a small fee for doing so.

In order to earn a monthly income, you need to think outside the box. Everyone can find what they are looking for, but don’t get discouraged. Always consider the things of daily life and meet the needs.


If you make an effort, you can achieve your goal. You do not have to stop living just to save money, but you can tighten your belt a little. A part-time job, services for friends or acquaintances and selling your own things are also very popular forms of saving.