You want to make money online, because you want to give more to your family or you are looking for a long-term solution to leave your job. So what do you do?

You enter the magic words “earn money online” into Google’s search bar and are overwhelmed by hundreds of possibilities. 

You try hard, but NOTHING leads to the desired result or meets your expectations. This article will show you why this could be…

1. You Can Barely Handle A Computer

It might sound ridiculous, but this is seriously true. Many people who use a computer do not know the basics of it. There are questions such as:

  • Where do I find the password to XY?
  • How do I create a PDF file?
  • How do I unzip the ZIP folder?

This list could go on and on. But let’s be very clear here. If you want to make money on the internet, you need to be able to use a computer and surf the web with confidence. 

It’s like when you want to earn money as a taxi driver but you can’t drive a car. 

If you recognize you have a problem with the use of your computer, face this problem and then improve your skills by watching You Tube Videos or ask a friend to help you. 

There are no excuses. Even if you are over 80 years old, you can learn how to use a computer safely and surf the Internet. 

It is essential in our lives nowadays, even if you don’t plan to make money online.

2. Business Registration and Taxes

If you start an online business, you have to be aware that it is indeed a business. You are carrying out an economic activity, and you must report your income to the tax authorities, and most likely pay taxes.

You have business expenses you can also claim against your revenue, but you have to report your income no matter. 

Register your business to make it official and record all incoming and outgoing money.
If this is something you cannot do, you can attend tax courses or hire an accountant.

3. You Are Looking For The Shortcut To Success

The biggest mistake that ALWAYS leads to frustration in the end is to look for a shortcut to success. 

Who wouldn’t want to make a lot of money quickly and easily? 
The only problem is that there is no such shortcut.

I know that a lot can be said at this stage, but everyone has to experience it for themselves. 
You need discipline, patience and you have to care about your business.

Successful people who have those traits might still have failed in one or the other enterprise, that’s called experience.

Perseverance is the key. 

4.  You Don’t understand the system!

The possibilities to make money on the Internet are almost endless when you look at them in detail. But if you break it down into its essential elements, there is a general system that you need to understand:

Making money online works like this: You must have access to your target group and a corresponding offer for this target group. There is nothing more to say!

And this is how business works for thousand of years, even before the internet world opened up. 

It comes down to three very simple facts. 

  • Target Group
  • Traffic
  • Product/Service

Once you have that in place, you can analyse your traffic to your blog website, the number of products/services ordered, etc.

Checking your performance regularly is part of the game.

5. You don’t have a business model…

Why do you need a business model? 

Even a hobby blog is already a business model. This means content production, social media marketing and SEO and finally advertising or product promotion. 

You have to do this consistently. You have to be present and approachable. 
Write a business plan, record what you do, and you will see where you can improve your activities.

Watch videos on these online business topics, listen to podcasts or do research online.

6.  You “Hate” To Sell 

One blockage often observed in many people is the negative attitude towards selling.

Challenge yourself and developed a new and productive relationship with money. Yes, you want to sell something, and you have to, because that is your business. But you also offer people value for their money. 

It is only fair that you get rewarded in the form of income for the service or product you provide. There is nothing negative or wrong about it. Nobody works for free.

7.  It Is Difficult For You To Learn New Skills

Another obstacle is often the unwillingness to learn new things and solve problems as soon as they arise.

You have to take the initiative to learn and improve your skills. You have to have the will and drive to grow with your business.

Think of these activities as your own online marketing education.  You are practically training yourself. No one can take this knowledge away from you, and it is the only way you can make your way through the thousands of opportunities and challenges of an online business.

In your business you are your own boss. Your decision, your success!

Final Thoughts:

You have to understand that from day one, you are your own boss.

It is great to have the independence of your own business, but it also means you are solely responsible for your own decisions, and decisions you must make.

You need to be organised, have a plan in place, be able to use your equipment properly, and do your research. 

In addition, patience and discipline will help you to succeed.