Welcome to Not Quite an Adult! 

My name is Taylor O’Halloran, it’s really nice to meet you. 

A couple fun facts about me

  • I’m in my mid-twenties but I’m secretly a #BabyGrandma. Want to invite me to go out and drink? I’ll say maybe and stay home. Want to invite me to sit on your couch, drink wine, and talk about nonsense? I’m in! 
  • I graduated University in 2017 with a degree in Business and a minor in Psychology, which I think lends itself pretty well to the blogging & online creation industry.
  • I’m Canadian, eh? I was born in Summerside, Price Edward Island a small town on a tiny island in Canada. I moved to Ontario about 6 months later.
  • I’m OBSESSED with Daschunds (wiener dogs) and I have one of my very own named Marshmallow! They’re just so darn cute, like check out this silly wiener dog pillow on Amazon, who wouldn’t want that?

I’d say I’m a pretty average 20-something, I have student loan debt and for now, I still live with my parents because I don’t have it all together yet and that’s okay. I’m figuring it out one day at a time!

When I graduated University I knew pretty much nothing about money and found it extremely stressful to try and learn things about it. I figured it was a good idea to at least share what I learn with others so they have a one stop shop for all things money.

Please, don’t hesitate to email me or use our contact form to ask me a question and I’ll either respond, or if it’s a big enough problem, maybe I’ll dedicated a whole post to it.

*I also have a blog about being a lazy person and trying to get healthy called Lazy Girl Fit If you’re into that kind-of thing, check it out! 

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