Eating Out ~ A Millennial’s tool to Saving Money at Restaurants

Eating Out ~ A Millennial’s tool to Saving Money at Restaurants

Eating out is one of my greatest pleasures in life. I love food. Unfortunately, I recently discovered that I have a gluten intolerance so I don’t get to indulge as much as I used to! Restaurants can be a great place to hang out with friends and meet new people. I’m here to help you save a few bucks at restaurants and allow you to eat out a little more often.

save money at restaurants and eating out

take advantage of promotional nights

Restaurants want people in their seats. Unfortunately for them, some days aren’t as busy for others. To counteract this issue, many restaurants will implement promotional nights. You can often get 2/1 appetizers, free dessert, or many other options for a discount!Take advantage of this and you’ll save tons of cash on extras at a restaurant.

Take advantage of this and you’ll save tons of cash on extras at a restaurant.

skip the alcohol when eating out 

glass of wine at dimly lit restaurant eating out

Alcohol is going to be one of the most expensive things on the menu considering how much you actually get. The average drink is anywhere from $5-10 for something small. Although it’s delicious, it’s better to skip it.

If you need a little liquid courage for a dinner date, try and have a drink at home before you leave because that will be much less expensive in the long run.

Sticking to water can save you $10+ per person and will save you from experiencing a dreaded hangover the next morning.

take home leftovers

If you live in North America chances are the portion sizes at your local restaurants are astronomically big. Like, how do they expect us to ever finish these things?  I once got enough pasta at a local chain restaurant and had enough for THREE meals.

If you go to a restaurant and spend $20 on a giant meal and don’t bring home left overs, you’re a silly little goose. Bringing home half the meal will stop you from eating out the next day because you could eat it for lunch! A perfect second meal.

The average working person spends $10 on lunch every single day! If you work 5 days a week for 48 weeks a year, that’s going to cost you at least $2,400 in a year just for lunch. Use those leftovers to save you money the next day!

try lunch, instead of dinner 

eating out for lunch woman's hand If you have a variable schedule during the week, or you have free weekends you can easily invite a friend out for lunch instead of dinner.

Lunch menus are usually $5 cheaper than comparable items on a dinner menu. Also, the lunch menu is going to be lighter and make you feel a lot less groggy.

split your meal 

If you’re with someone who is also trying to save money, split the meal! Splitting the meal also means splitting the bill.

Get a pasta entree that’s going to be too much food for you anyway. This may annoy the waitress but it’s going to make your wallet very very happy.



Saving money doesn’t always mean you need to cancel out social events. Plan your meals ahead of time and you’ll be able to save a few dollars!




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