Gift Guide for Tween Boys Under $50

Gift Guide for Tween Boys Under $50

Shopping for tweens and teens is getting increasingly more complicated with every year that passes. What do kids even want these days? What is the new trend? How do we keep up with trends? Well, I’m here to help! Here are a bunch of cool gift ideas for the tween boy on your list. 

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Battle Ship Game / Ahhhh, good ol’ battleship. This was and still is one of my absolute favourite board games! There is nothing more fun than outsmarting your opponent and beating them by hiding your ships just right. This is the perfect game for kids because it is full of strategy but it’s super easy to understand! 

Bears VS Babies / This may be one of the weirdest card games I’ve ever seen but it looks super entertaining. Any tween boy would love to play this on family game night! I’m not even entirely sure how it works, but there’s a bunch of crazy pictures and you apparently are building monsters that eat babies. Oh boy. 

Darth Vader Figure / Isn’t it crazy that the first star wars movie came out in the 70s and it’s still as popular as it was back then? It’s insane. Star Wars gifts for boys will always be a great decision because it expands through generations! This figurine would look super cool on a shelf in your kids’ room! 

Star Wars Winter Hat Everybody needs a nice winter hat this time of year! This star wars hat is a nice neutral colour so it will match whatever colour coat the tween boy has, as well as it’s super stylish and star wars is so cool! If your tween boy isn’t into star wars you could also get them a hat for their favourite sports team (Like this Toronto Maple Leafs Hat.. Yes I’m Canadian haha) or just a plain one! 

Lego / There was nothing more fun on a Saturday morning than playing with Lego with my brother and letting my imagination run free. Just last night I was watching an episode of Survivor and playing with my little sister’s lego and it was so relaxing and fun. Lego is the best gift! This lego kit is just assorted so your tween can make whatever they want. You could also go the route of smaller themed boxes like this super cool Star Wars one! (Can anyone tell I like star wars?)

Pokemon Cards / This pack of 100 Pokemon cards is super cool for its price. Pokemon cards teach kids all about trading which can be a surprisingly good way to introduce them to investment and the stock market (yup, I’m a finance blogger haha). Pokemon cards are super cool and so many kids love them! 

Big Foot Slippers / Hahahha, Why do I think these are so funny? If I walked into a room where there was a boy wearing these giant toe, flipflop inspired slippers I’d just fall over laughing. I’m sure any tween boy will get a real kick out of these slippers. 

Super Mario Figurine Set / I love that Super Mario is still as cool today as it was when I was a kid. These figurines can be perfect to play with or to just leave on somebody’s shelf in their room! Awesome gift. 

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