Gift Guide for Tween Girls 9-13

Gift Guide for Tween Girls 9-13

Shopping for Tween Girls can be stressful, especially with how quickly trends are changing. Thankfully I have a sister who fits right into the tween girl category and she told me all the best things that she and her friends are wishing for this holiday season! I really hope you guys find something helpful here and are able to find the perfect gift for the tween girl on your list! Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls Under $50

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Unicorn Slippers / I don’t know about you, but I love a good pair of slippers. Cold toes may be one of the worst things in the colder months and there is nothing more fun than silly slippers! If your tween girl isn’t into Unicorns, you could also try Monkey Slippers or Emoji Slippers! 

 Mermaid Tail Blanket / Do you ever see things that kids are buying these days and just think “dang, I wish they had those when I was 13”? Cause that’s me with these mermaid tail blankets. I think they’re hilarious and adorable and I’m 100% sure that any tween girl would love to receive this gift. 

Flamingo Tumbler Cup / Sometimes it’s super hard to get kids to drink more water. I know this from experience because I was a defiant child who never drank water. Sometime in grade 8, I got my first cute tumbler cup and water bottle set and my water intake went through the roof. I don’t know what it is about cute things that make me want to drink water haha. 

Heart Eye Emoji Pillow / As much as some people protest, emoji’s aren’t going anywhere. They are here to stay. Have you seen the new iPhone X interactive emojis? Oh man. Anyway! These emoji pillows will look super cute on any kids’ bed! If you’d prefer you could also get the Sunglasses Emoji Pillow or even the Poo Emoji Pillow!

Eye Sleep Mask / If you’re dealing with a tween, they are about to be a teen and everything is going to change. Teens like sleep. They like to sleep until noon on the weekend and sometimes the sun just doesn’t want to let them do that. This sleep mask is perfect for the kid who stayed up too late on the weekend watching Youtube videos and now needs some extra Z’s 

Fuzzy Ear Muffs / When I was 13 I saw a pair of Fuzzy Ear Muffs at the mall and begged my mom for an hour to get them for me and she said no. I was devastated. To this day I still want to own a pair of these but I fear I may be too old. Don’t let your tween girl be sad, get her fuzzy ear muffs! If she doesn’t like pink (like my sister) they also come in black, grey, or white! 

Donut Pillow / I don’t know what is going on in the world, but for some reason, everybody seems to really love the look of donuts lately. I think they’re darn cute but I can’t even stand the taste! This donut pillow would add a little extra sprinkle to any girls bedroom. 

Dabbing Unicorn Notebook / Why is dabbing so popular with little ones? Every time I see them do it I can’t help but giggle, it’s just so cute! This dabbing unicorn notebook is the perfect gift to let a tween girl draw in, use as a diary, or bring to school. This silly dabbing unicorn print also comes as a Dabbing Unicorn T-Shirt, a Dabbing Unicorn Winter Hat, or a Dabbing Unicorn Lunchbox!

Beanie Boos / These little guys have taken over the stuffed animals universe in recent years and I totally understand why. Beanie babies were so popular when I was a kid in the 90s, and beanie boos are just as cute! They come in all sorts of cute animals and colors! 

Unicorn Onesie Onesie’s are increasing in popularity every single day. They’re so cute and can keep kids super warm while they play on these chilly winter nights. If you have a tween girl who’s more in the 8-11 range, definitely get the link above or click on the photo. If they’re a little older you may need to get an adult unicorn onesie, which you can see here! Depends on their size. 

Marble Phone Case / It’s pretty crazy to me that kids that are 9-13 can even have cell phones, but these days they do! Chances are they are clumsy girls and need a decent case to protect their phone. These marbles cases are all the rage right now and can be the perfect Christmas gift. Just make sure you get it for the right phone hehe. 


Light-Up Cinema Box / Oh. My. Goodness. Isn’t this just the cutest? I could totally see 12 year old me leaving little messages for my mom on this when I’m not home. HOW CUTE. This light-up cinema inspired box is the perfect home decor for any girls room AND IT LIGHTS UP! 

Essie Nail Polish/ Ahhh, anyone who knows me IRL knows that I have a collection of over 60 bottles of Essie brand nail polish. I swear it looks like they sponsor my life or something. There is nothing more satisfying to me than a good quality, cute manicure. This Fall 2017 collection is so cute and any girly tween would love to get this for Christmas! 

Popsocket SmartPhone Stand / Okay, popsockets are one of things that you don’t understand unless you’ve tried one. They are these super sticky phone stands that you can hold onto as you type or play. It’s super awesome. I got my first one about 6 months ago and it’s still going strong, I don’t think I could live without one now! This galaxy popsocket would look super cool in your tweens hand! 

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