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Gifts for Her Under $50

I know the feeling. Christmas is nearing closer and you still have no idea what you’re getting for one of the most important people on your list. I’ve heard it all before “women are impossible to shop for” or “she has everything she needs”, while this may be true it’s still possible to find her something adorable that she’ll love! Let me help you! 

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Taylor Swift Album / US Polo Assn Watch / The sun and her flowers / Turtles all the way down / Plum Nail Polish Colour / Burt’s Bees Lip Balm Set / His Side & Her Side Pillow Cases / Swarovski Element Earrings / A Christmas Story 

It may seem super old-fashioned to get an actual physical copy of a CD for someone for Christmas, but CD’s are still great gifts. Everyone’s car has a CD player in it still, they’ve just added Bluetooth and AUX cords so we don’t really use them as much. If the girl in your life has a favourite artist, I highly suggest a great album. Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation could be a great gift! If she isn’t into Taylor, you could also do Sam Smith’s new album Thrill of it All, or Miley Cyrus’ new album Younger Now or P!nk’s Beautiful Trauma. I suggest these 4 because they are some of my absolute favourites lately and I love them!! 


It seems like watches are becoming a thing of the past, or are just used as a fashion statement (which I’m totally okay with). A good watch never goes out of style. This U.S. Polo Assn watch is absolutely gorgeous and would look amazing on somebody’s wrist this holiday season. This watch is rose gold which is my absolute favourite metal colour right now, how gorgeous is this?!

Check it out here. 



There is nothing more romantic than giving your loved ones a book filled with poetry. Not only is this poetry book wonderful on the inside, the cover art is absolutely beautiful. Rupi Kaur wrote the famous poetry book Milk & Honey, which is so popular and written beautifully. I promise you giving your wife or girlfriend a book of poetry will have her melting. Check out the sun and her flowers here. Trust me. 





Have you heard of the book/movie called the Fault in Our Stars? It was one of the most popular books a few years ago and John Green has done it again. Turtles all the way down has amazing reviews and John Green is an incredible author. This gift would be a great gift if your wife or girlfriend is a reader. You can check out turtles all the way down here





This one definitely won’t apply to all females. I know so many women who absolutely hate painting their nails. I’m one of the ones who loves it. If your girl is somebody who loves nail polish and doing little girly things like this then get her a new nail colour from her favourite brand. I may be a little biased because I have over 60 bottles, but I really love Essie! You can check out this beautiful plum nail colour here




We all know you want your girlfriend or wife’s lips to be kissable and wonderful. Burt’s Bees is a great option for lip balm that she will love! It hydrates the lips and smells and tastes amaaaaaaaaazing. I promise this will be something she’ll love. Check out this Christmas Burt’s Bees Pack Here





Hahahah. Could these be more accurate? These pillows show the world that your girl gets more than just her half. These will make her laugh Christmas morning and she’ll love them, I promise. Grab these adorable pillowcases for your girl, here. 





These Black Swarovski Elements earrings are absolutely gorgeous while being super minimal. Any woman would love getting these under the tree. And being under $30 makes them an absolute steal! Check out these beautiful earrings here





Does your lady have a favourite Christmas movie? Mine will forever be a Christmas story. I know that it’s possible to get most movies online these days but there’s just something magical about unpacking these Christmas DVDs around December 1st and finding your favourite, curling up with some hot drinks, and watching it with those you love. Ahhhh. You can get a Christmas Story here for less than $10!

Hey! My name is Taylor O’Halloran and I’m a huge fan of saving money any way I can.I’m obsessed with dogs and I love all kinds of cheese even though my stomach hates it.  I’m a recent university graduate who just wanted to do her own thing and see what happens! Follow me on the journey!

Taylor O'Halloran

Hey! My name is Taylor O'Halloran and I'm a huge fan of saving money any way I can.I'm obsessed with dogs and I love all kinds of cheese even though my stomach hates it.  I'm a recent university graduate who just wanted to do her own thing and see what happens! Follow me on the journey!

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