How to Save Money

Here at Not Quite an Adult we’re huge fans of saving money. If you’re looking for some of the internet’s best saving money tips, you’re definitely in the right place and I’m glad you’ve landed here. Instead of letting you click on a menu and just see a bunch of blog posts unorganized and all over the place, we wanted to create a one stop shop for all of our best saving money content in an organized and concise manner.

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How to Save Money

Saving money sounds easy in theory, but it isn’t as easy as a lot of people make it seem. This whole section is filled with the best ways to start saving money and to jumpstart your savings with challenges, and small changes!

Ways to Save Money

Below are some of my absolute favourite ways to save money on things we buy all the darn time!

*One of my favourite ways to save money is to use the browser extension Honey. This extension searches the entire internet for coupon codes that you otherwise may not have been able to find. Seriously, try out honey for FREE today

Emergency Funds

Having an emergency fund is one of the most important things you can do for your finances, it can help you save money and allow you not to use credit every time something bad happens!

Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Living paycheck to paycheck is honestly a curse, it’s a huge reason why so many relationships end, money troubles are legit. Learning strategies to break that paycheck to paycheck cycle and stop being broke is a really good first step to changing your life.

Credit Scores

Knowing and understanding your credit score and how it works is very important for financial success. There are financial gurus out there who will try and convince you to have no debt and never worry about your credit score, but a bad credit score will hurt you in more ways than you know!

Budgeting Tips & Methods

Oh, budgets. A necessary evil. Budgeting is one of the best things you can do to organize your finances and get your life together! Having a budget doesn’t need to feel like you’re in jail. The whole point of a budget is to make a plan for your money and give every dollar a job. Your money needs to be working for you!

Frugal Living Tips

Living frugally is a great way to start saving more money and being more conscious about where your money goes. Interestingly, these frugal living blog posts are some of the most popular on Not Quite an Adult! These are a definite must-read if I do say so myself!

*When frugal people go grocery shopping, they make sure they’re getting cash back whenever they can and apps like Checkout 51 make that much easier. All you need to do is take a picture of your receipt and checkout 51 will see what kinds of cash back your’e eligible for! Check out Checkout 51 for free today

Saving Money on Food & Groceries

Eating is kind of a necessity in order to keep ourselves alive so this is one of the most essential places you need to try and cut costs. Below are some of my absolute best tips on how to save money on groceries and eating out at restaurants!

*Are you a meal planner? If not, I highly suggest that you checkout the awesome website $5 Meal Plan. Their whole deal is that they’ll send you a weekly meal plan and a detailed grocery list each week for only $5 a month. Get your first two weeks free

Money Management

Money Mindset

100+ Money Saving Tips | how to save money | this blog post outlines the best information on how to save money, ways to save money, budgeting tips, building an emergency fund, and much more