How to Increase Your Energy Every Day!

How to Increase Your Energy Every Day!

We live in a world that relies on Starbucks and Monster Energy drinks just to stay awake through their 9-5 job. What most people don’t seem to realize is that there are so many non-caffeine ways to wake up in the morning and maintain their energy throughout the day.This post is going to outline a number of ways you can easily change your habits and spend less time yawning!


Consistent Bedtime 

This may seem like a no-brainer to many of you; however, there are so many people in the world that think they can switch up their bedtime every single day and expect to have tons of energy just because they got 8 hours in. It doesn’t matter how much sleep you get if you are constantly throwing off your circadian rhythm.


Your circadian rhythm is the mechanism in your body that pretty much regulates your body based on a 24-hour clock. This is one of the major reasons that your body is able to wake up on a consistent basis if you go to bed at the same time.

For example, If you were to go to bed at exactly 10 pm every night and set an alarm for 6 am every morning after a few days you’d be waking up at 5:58 without feeling as groggy and gross.

If you’re the type that has a lot of difficulties falling asleep on the daily I suggest you try out something called Melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that helps control your sleep and wake cycles! You can pick up some melatonin here on Amazon!

If you go from working mornings to afternoons to midnights on a regular basis this may be something that could be impossible for you. If that’s the case you should probably try out some of the other tips.

Cold Showers 

This tip most definitely isn’t for everybody. When I first started implementing this in my life I hated it. Cold showers are known to increase your circulation and blood flow which can help keep your body moving and shaking.

The best way to get yourself going with this one is by starting with your regular warm-ish shower and slowly turning down the warm water little by little. You’ll do this until you shiver. Don’t shy away from the shivering. That’s the sweet spot. Ahhhh. Feels so good.

Drink More Water 

Every single part of your body is going to work harder for you and more consistently if you’re hydrated.

You will pee more. Getting up to go pee means less time sitting. Less time sitting means more blood circulation. More blood circulation means being more awake! It’s a win-win!

Change Your Workout Routine 

If you take the time to workout as a part of your daily routine already, this will be easy for you. Working out in the middle of the day can help to get your body moving and will wake you up!

When you work out first thing in the morning your body will be ready to sleep before the workday is over. Workout in the middle and you’ll be awake for hours.

In addition, changing up your workout routine can also give your body a bit of a shock. This change will trick your body into having more energy.

Eat Regularly

Food can be one of the main causes of midday fatigue. Having a big lunch can often cause you to be yawning your way through the rest of the day.

In North America, we often eat 3 huge meals a day and spend much more time being tired. You should try to eat 5 smaller meals a day which will help with digestion as well as post-meal fatigue.

Move Regularly

Improving your blood circulation is key to staying energized. A great way to do this is to make sure you move every hour.

Living in a 9-5 cubicle kind of world we often can sit for 3-4 hours at a time without realizing it.
The easiest way to realize how often you need to move is by investing in a nice fitness tracker. Personally, I prefer a good olFitbit.

The Fitbit will give you a vibration at 12:50 to ensure you get up and do at least 250 steps before the hour is up!

Get one here on Amazon!

I really hope these tips & tricks can help you stop being so exhausted all the time and really kick but. Being tired is the death of all productivity.

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