10 Job Interview Tips for Millennial Women

10 Job Interview Tips for Millennial Women

So, you’ve landed your dream job interview. Every time you think about the job you get giddy like a young child but then realize that the job isn’t quite yours yet. You’ve never been the strongest interviewer and your hands sweat every time you think about it. We’re here to help. Here are 10 surefire ways to impress the interviewer and land that dream job!

job interview tips for millennial women to land their dream jobDO YOUR RESEARCH ABOUT THE POSITION AND THE COMPANY

In order to sell yourself to the interviewer, you need to be able to show them exactly why you’d be a good fit. Is that even possible if you have no idea what the company does?

To start your research process go to the company’s website! This is so easy to do! The best page to focus on is the company’s “About Us” section. This will give you an idea of what the company does on the daily and what kinds of things their corporate culture finds important.

For example, if you notice they do a lot of charity work you’d be able to incorporate this into your answers. This will make you look good by showing them you care about others and proving you did your research!

A key to making this work well is to always avoid criticizing the company. You don’t want to bring up the things a company does in a negative light because this will reflect badly on you!

In addition to information about the company as a whole, be sure you understand the position you’ve applied for. If you have no idea what the day to day operations of the job are you won’t be able to properly tailor all of your answers to that specific job.


We are living in a world where women are able to move up the corporate ladder at speeds like never before. Unfortunately, chances are there will be a traditional male business type in the room and sometimes this can be a problem. I’m not saying every man is going to judge you for what you’re wearing, but it does happen and it is something to look out for.

Traditionally women in the workplace were seen as too emotional to make real decisions and the way they dressed often reflected how well they would do in a work environment. Sadly, this is still part of the corporate discourse today. 

If you really want to impress every person in the room you’re going to want to look trendy without looking too trendy. Crazy, right?

So here are some tips for you to rock that interview outfit.

You should try your best to avoid crazy colours and/or patterns. Try to keep your main colours in the realm of navy, black, white, and beige. Yes, I know this is super boring but it’s going to work! You can add in a cute coloured top under a navy blazer, but try not to make the main item a coloured piece.

Avoid use of perfume and other scented beauty items. Workplaces are usually scent free and this should also be true for an interview situation. Keep the perfume ready for a date night though, possible boyfriends love that stuff! 

Don’t wear any crazy accessories. A statement necklace is a real beauty when executed correctly; however, it has no place in a job interview. Accessories can be seen as distracting and will cause your interviewers to stare at the item instead of really listening. This also means you should avoid dangly earrings, stick to a nice stud.

Your hair should be neat without any crazy colours or styles. Brightly coloured hair is super popular these days for Instagram models and Youtube stars but these people never had to apply for the position!

Neutral colours, no crazy accessories, tamed hair, and no perfume. Easy enough, right?


Make sure you know exactly where the building is before the day. If it will help, do a dry run of the commute the day before. This may sound super lame, but it’ll help curb some of the anxiety you’d have on the big day!

Leave extra early and anticipate traffic issues.

When you arrive at the building, check in with the receptionist and politely ask where the bathroom is. Make sure nothing crazy happened to your outfit on the commute and look in the mirror and breathe. Tell yourself you got this. Do you speak affirmations to yourself? If so, do it now.

While sitting in the lobby focus on your breathing, smile at anyone that enters the room and think about your rehearsed answers.


This is going to start with the receptionist. When you arrive and are checking yourself in, be polite! There is a high probability that the interviewer will ask anyone else you encounter what they thought about you.

Smile at people walking by. Start a conversation with the person sitting beside you in the lobby. This is going to make you seem more personable and willing to work in teams.


When you first walk into the room take note of the interviewers. Do you see anything in the office that you could use to create a personal connection with the person doing the interview? If not, try and learn something about the person and connect with them on it.

If they love baseball, talk about baseball! This is going to make them see themselves in you and you’ll be higher on the possible hire list because of it!


Chances are the interviewer is going to ask you why you left your last job. The main point here is to never talk poorly about your last employer.

An interviewer is going to see any trash talking of your last employer as a personality trait. They’ll assume that you’ll talk badly about your co-workers and the company and this isn’t cute.

Also, try not to go into detail too much about your personal life. This is a job interview not your personal journal. The interviewer is not going to care that you lost your job and had to move back in with your mom and you haven’t had a boyfriend since. These are details you can gladly keep to yourself.

job interview - millennial women


A job interview can be stressful but you need to not show that you’re stressed. Sit up straight and toward the front of the chair. This will make you seem engaged and interested in the discussion.

When you first walk in, smile and offer your hand for a nice handshake. Keep your hands in your lap. Avoid touching your face. Use hand gestures sparingly!

Many job interviewers cite not smiling and bad body language as the main reason (other than qualifications) that they didn’t want to hire a potential employee.


If an interviewer believes you’re just in it for the paycheck, you won’t get hired. They are trained to seek out employees that are excited about the prospect of working there. You need to be engaged, smile, and ask questions.


For young people who haven’t done a whole lot of job interviews, we can often find ourselves without an answer. The worst thing you can do in this situation is say “I don’t know”. If you need a couple seconds, take them. Get your thoughts in order. The interviewer is going to understand that you’re nervous and will appreciate you taking it slow compared to just saying I don’t know.

Make sure to breathe!


After the interview is over you want to prove that you are really grateful for the opportunity regardless of the outcome. Sending a thank-you note to whoever conducted your interview. This is going to bring you back into their line of vision and could possibly get you the job when you weren’t #1 on the list.


I really hope these 10 tips are helpful to at least some of you! The job interview process can be hard and we all need to support each other to get through it. You got this!


xo Taylor

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