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9 Lifestyle Changes You Should Make to SAVE YOU MONEY

The only way to become financially stable is to live on less than you make! Seems simple enough right? Wrong. We live in a time of instant gratification and thinking that stuff buys happiness. There is no way you can make financial moves and grow your wealth if you aren’t making changes toward a different lifestyle! Lifestyle changes are easy to implement and you can do it!

There are only two ways you can improve your finances, it’s either you need to increase your income or change your lifestyle. If you can’t find a way to change your job and increase your income you’re going to have to change up your lifestyle. 

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. You don’t want to continue on the same path, making the same decisions and never make any real progress. Changing your habits is going to be hard but it will definitely be worth it. 

So, let’s go over things you can change in your day to day life to make your nest egg a bit bigger. 


This may seem like a no-brainer but so many people overlook budgets because they view them as boring, annoying, and fun sucking. The truth is a budget can be boring and annoying but it definitely doesn’t need to be a fun sucker. You need to budget the things you want in your life and you’ll have a plan to be able to get them! The best kind of budget to start out with gives you a plan for every single penny that comes into your wallet. We here at Not Quite an Adult really recommend you start out with a Zero-Based Budget and work from there. 


Did you know that using another bank’s atm machines can cost you anywhere from $0.50 to $5.00? Is there a stupider way to throw away money and get pretty much nothing in return? Unless somebody has a gun to your head and tells you to take out all your money don’t do this! You can easily find your own bank and save the money! 


Most people are willing to look for good prices on huge purchases like cars and homes but often won’t spend much time looking around for cheaper things. Is there a certain kind of mac and cheese you buy every week that at some stores is $5 a box but at others, it’s only $3? I know that $2 doesn’t sound like a lot but you need to think of that in terms of an entire year. If you buy a box a week for 52 weeks, that’s $104 dollars! That’s two months of my phone bill and that’s pretty sweet savings! Imagine if it was a higher ticket item! You should shop around for cheaper groceries, electronics, clothes, and anything else you can find! 


Every single time I’m at the grocery store the most expensive thing in my cart is some kind of meat. I’ll never understand why 4 chicken breasts can be almost $20. If you have a little creativity in your meal planning you could easily plan out a meatless Monday once a week where you make a vegetarian meal. This could save you $5-$20 a week depending on the kind of meat you like to eat. This could be $500 a year!!!! 

If you’re at a loss for good vegetarian meals, definitely check out Pinterest. That’s where I get all of my creative inspiration when it comes to food. Check out this Pinterest board for all sorts of veggie inspiration! 


Have you noticed that every single company seems to be on some kind of monthly subscription plan these days? Now, I’m never going to tell someone to cancel Netflix because Netflix is pretty much my life. But I can assume that you have at least one monthly subscription that you don’t need. It might be a Microsoft 365 subscription when you’re no longer a student and don’t need it for your grown-up job. It might be a Just Fab subscription but you don’t REALLY need those new shoes. Whatever your poison, it’s okay to cancel these things when you can’t really afford them. Someday you’ll be able to make them work. 


Have you ever thought of implementing a once a month no-spend weekend? Do you even know what a no-spend weekend is? So duh, a no-spend weekend is a two day period (doesn’t have to be Saturday/Sunday if you have a different kind of job) where you just spend no money. You don’t eat out, you don’t go to the movies, you don’t buy snacks. If you think “but what would I do all weekend?” there are so many good posts on Pinterest for great ideas on what to do. I suggest this beautiful Infographic I found from The Wallet Moth, you can see it here! 


If you lived the way your grandparents did you wouldn’t be out there buying the new iPhone every single time it comes out. Technology is quick moving but that doesn’t mean you need to keep up with the Joneses. There are so many things that break these days but you don’t need to replace them when they still work just fine! I recently decided to pay full price for a phone and then run it into the ground until it breaks. It brought my phone bill down $65! That’s a lot of dollars!! It doesn’t matter what the thing is, but there’s no point in replacing before it’s broken. And if you need to make sure you sell whatever it is before you move on. 


This is a well-known thing for grocery shopping but it could also be true for any event you go to. You may not think about it, but you could save a lot of money by just eating a little bit before you go. If you go to a restaurant you’ll be able to save half your meal and have lunch for tomorrow! That can save you the $10 you’d spend the next day for lunch anyway! 


The thought that someone could be in a long-term relationship with somebody, even be married to them and never have a talk about money is something I will never understand. It kind of hurts my heart to think that people break up because they’re unwilling to communicate with the person they love!

Not only will talking about money talks save a relationship you’re already in, it can also help you pick your long-term partner. If you meet somebody and think they’re perfect in every way and get married, you may be in for a rude awakening when you realize they have 100,000 in student loans, two maxed out credit cards and no savings. Talk about money with the people you love. 



Changing small things in your everyday life can be a great way to move toward financial security and financial freedom! Let me know in the comments below if you add any of these things to your life and if it helps with your money situation! 

Thanks for reading!

xo Taylor 

Hey! My name is Taylor O’Halloran and I’m a huge fan of saving money any way I can.I’m obsessed with dogs and I love all kinds of cheese even though my stomach hates it.  I’m a recent university graduate who just wanted to do her own thing and see what happens! Follow me on the journey!

Taylor O'Halloran

Hey! My name is Taylor O'Halloran and I'm a huge fan of saving money any way I can.I'm obsessed with dogs and I love all kinds of cheese even though my stomach hates it.  I'm a recent university graduate who just wanted to do her own thing and see what happens! Follow me on the journey!

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