Every once in a while there is an event that happens that causes us to need some quick cash. Usually, this is going to happen to a person who doesn’t have an emergency fund saved or families who are living paycheck to paycheck

I’ve seen a ton of blog posts with similar titles that are telling people to go into more debt. Their ideas are to get a new credit card, or take out a line of credit, or other stupid things. Why are these stupid? Because they aren’t solving the problem. They’re adding to the pile of debt people already have.

Making money fast isn’t always easy, but I’m here to show you it is possible. Here are 10 easy ways you can make cash quickly and avoid going into more debt!  

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10 Ways to Make Quick Cash in One Day

#1 – Sell Stuff on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is a perfect way to try and sell unwanted or unneeded stuff that you have just hanging out around your home. It enables you to sell things to people in your area without having to leave your home or ship anything out.

If you have a ton of junk hiding in your closet or your basement that is still in good condition that you just don’t want, it’s a perfect candidate for Facebook Marketplace! All you need to do is put up a decent picture of the item, with a price and a description, and wait for someone to message you! They usually come pick it up from yousame day so you don’t have to do anything but open the door.

You can sell anything on Facebook Marketplace so you’ll really have options to go through everything you own. All of it is tax free, and very quick! Woot!

#2 – Get a Part-Time Job

If you’re the type of person that needs long-term extra income, you may want to look into getting a part-time job. This isn’t “make money in one day” kind of money, but it’s better. Although you’ll have to wait at least 2 weeks after being hired to get the income, at least you know it’s coming and it’ll keep coming so you can plan accordingly.

The best part-time jobs are the kinds where you can make tips! I’m a big fan of any job where you can make more money when you work harder.

#3 – Do Small Jobs for Your Neighbours

I don’t know about your neighbourhood, but I’m surrounded by the elderly. My area was built about 40 years ago and there are a handful of people who have lived here the entire time. The best thing about living near older couples is that they’re usually willing to pay people to do every day tasks for them!

These tasks could be anything from mowing the lawn, shovelling snow, raking leaves, washing cars, emptying eavestroughs, etc. If you’re an able-bodied people who needs a couple of quick bucks, befriend your neighbours.

#4 – Freelance on Kijiji/Craigslist

If you don’t have a lot of neighbours you can do work for, you can also offer the same types of services online. The best thing about offering these to people who aren’t your neighbours is that you can ask for more money! If you make a little logo and make it seem like you have a company, people will eat that right up!

This is usually less awkward than asking your neighbours because you won’t actually have to actually go and ask people you already know. People will come looking for you.

#5 – House/Dog/Baby Sit

I’ve talked about how easy it is to make money house/dog/baby sitting before. People need help when they go on vacations or date night. If you put these ads up online you can easily make $50 in a day! You just have to make people trust you a bit and you’ll be rolling in the dough!

#6 – Roll Your Loose Change

Speaking of rolling in dough, if you’re really desperate for money you should go around your house and find all of the loose change that’s been left around! Every single person I know has some kind of change jar sitting in their home. Every time they go shopping they come home and throw the change from their trip in a jar and it builds pretty quickly!

For a lot of people, this ends up being at least $100. That’s quite a bit of money for some loose change!

Bonus Tip: If you have kids, it’s a lot of fun to get them into the sorting process because they learn about different coins and it helps you get the job done quicker! 

#7 – Offer Online Services on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace for people to sell their talent! If you have any kind of marketable skill, you can easily sell it on that website. For example, people offer graphic design services, website design, video editing, etc.

Search things that you’re able to do, see what other people are charging, and put yourself out there! You never know how much side income you could make.

#8 – Teach Music Lessons / Tutor Kids

If you have a talent that is teachable in person, then teach it! Go teach guitar lessons to 5-year-olds that want to be a rockstar, or piano! You can also start tutoring kids in math, science, english, whatever you’re good at! Parents will pay a lot of money to someone who will teach their kids something valuable.

#9 – Have a Garage Sale

If you aren’t comfortable with Facebook Marketplace, or you have a ton of stuff to sell really fast, a garage sale might be a great option! You can easily make a couple hundred dollars from a yard sale in a weekend.

Don’t have any inventory? You can ask your friends/family to go through their attics/garages and find things that you can sell! All you need to do is go to a dollar store and pick up some signs and stickers and you’ll be ready to bring in the money.

#10 – Flip Stuff for Profit

This one is literally the exact opposite of having a garage sale. To flip things for profit, you’ll want to go to garage sales or to thrift stores. You can find decent quality items that you can sell for more than you paid. You can do this on either ebay, or Facebook Marketplace, or you can save it all up and have a garage sale.

I’ve been able to go to a garage sale, pay less than $5 for an item that I’ve sold for $20+. This may not be quick cash but you can definitely make a lot of money if you do it consistently.

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Final Thoughts

really hope you found some value in these 10 ways to make money fast. Please, if you do more research on other ideas, don’t trust people that tell you to go into debt, don’t get a new credit card. Don’t dig yourself a deeper hole than you’re already in! Just because you can get access to a credit card, doesn’t mean it’s “quick cash”!

Leave me a comment if you have any other ideas you’d like to share of ways to make a couple hundred dollars quick!