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Giving money as a gift can sometimes be seen as boring, or lame and some people avoid giving money for these reasons. This leads us to spending more money than we really want to because gifts can get expensive!

The funny thing about this is that most people absolutely love getting money as a gift! A lot of gifts people get are something that they’d never want, and definitely don’t need, so giving money is a great way to avoid that awkward exchange.

These creative money gift ideas will help you bring a little bit of joy into this money exchange, and maybe add a challenge to the person receiving the cash. They are sure to wow at any birthday or holiday party!

Table of Contents

1. Put It in a Can

All of the best ways to give money as a gift is to put it in something that money shouldn’t be in, like this can! This idea from It’s Always Autumn is really fun because no one would expect it and they’ll be totally confused when they open the gift to begin with!

2. DIY Money Necklace

This is the kind of money gift idea that I would never be able to think about on my own! This money necklace from The House That Lars Built is adorable and great for graduation, birthdays, and more.

Source: The House That Lars Built

3. Wrap Some Chocolate

Some people like to keep it super simple, and you can do that with this money gift idea from Simply J Studio. You can easily get someone’s favourite chocolate bars and wrap them in a $20 bill!

Source: Simply J Studio

4. Add a Balloon and Glitter

This money gift idea from Sugar and Charm is a great option for anybody who loves glitter, and balloons!

You just need to fill a balloon with cash, confetti, and glitter. It will make for a very dramatic pop so be sure to have a vacuum ready.

5. Make a Money Star Tree

This tree from Its All Rosie is really pretty and the little money leaf blossoms are fun and unique compared to just folding money.

Source: It’s all Rosie

6. Put It on a Metallic Tree

You can get one of these metallic trees at most stores during the holiday months and they’re really inexpensive. You’ll just need to get some ribbon and tie it on! Super easy idea from Bead Happily Ever After.

7. Give Some Silver Bills

This Silver Bills idea from Jacolyn Murphy is a really great option for the holiday season and is extremely simple for you to create.

Source: Jacolyn Murphy

8. Make a Cash Tie

If the person who will be getting the money gift wears ties, you could make them one out of money! This money tie from My Weekly Pinspiration is super creative and fun, and will impress anybody.

Source: My Weekly Pinspiration

9. Make a Money Tree

It seems like tons of people like to create decorative money trees which are a nice symbol of wealth and look great when given. Check this one out from eHow!

Source: eHow

10. Do a Money Tin

Cindy Derosier created this money tin with money taped together and folded, so when you open it the money just comes on out. It’s a really great idea, and just needs a cute bow to make it an awesome gift.

Source: Cindy Derosier

11. Crocheted Gift Card Holder

We love a great crocheted gift, this is awesome if you’re low on money but have the time to create it. These ones from Petals to Picots is super cute!

12. Money Headband

Giving a money headband is cute and can really add to any fun hair do, well, maybe people won’t want to wear it, but they have the option! This idea from Big Ideas 3 is really simple to create too!

Source: Big Ideas 3

13. Give Them a Money Pizza

Everybody loves pizza, so who wouldn’t love a money pizza? This hilarious idea from McKinlay Designs is a really fun way to give any pizza lover the gift of cash.

Source: Mcinlay Designs

14. Do a Cupcake Poem

I really love the added effort of a printable poem or something cute like this from Making Memories With Your Kids. You can wrap up the money into these cute little rolls that look awesome!

Source: Making Memories With Your Kids

15. Make a Ribbon Wreath

Everybody loves ribbons! These ribbons are super cute and this bright wreath made of ribbons and gift cards from Fun Squared is easy to make and sure to be a hit.

Source: Fun Squared

16. Make a Christmas Tree Gift Card Holder

You can make these really cute tree cards to hold a target or other gift card to give to just about anybody. They’re super simple and sweet, and I’d love to get one!

17. Make a Fortune Cookie

I have to say, this is one from Project Denneler of my favourites. This origami fortune cookie is adorable and can make anybody laugh.

Source: Project Denneler

18. Make a Money Tree

The first step to this one is to go to a dollar store and purchase a small toy car to carry your tree, it’s important. Then create a tree! This is a really cute idea from Jacolyn Murphy and is great for the holidays.

Source: Jacolyn Murphy

19. Santa Sack Ornament

If you’re good at crochet or a crafty human, you may as well try and create this gift card or cash holder from Highland Hickory Designs that can go right on the tree!

20. Use a Mason Jar

This simple money gift idea from Simply Turquoise is awesome because you can give cash and gift cards as well as snacks, and everybody loves snacks.

Source: Something Turquoise

21. Make a Money Wreath

This money wreath from Sugar Bee Crafts is a great idea, especially for Christmas. You’ll just need a circular foam piece and some tape, nice and easy.

Source: Sugar Bee Crafts

22. Make it a Fry-YAY

This is probably the easiest one in the list and the most delicious, since you’ll get to eat them to get the package. Originally from Create it. Go! this Mcdonalds money gift idea is nice and easy and really cute for any kid, or adult on your list.

Source: Create it. GO!

23. Tiny Money Dresses

These money dresses are great for any gift receiver who loves clothes, or just likes a cute dress! These dresses from Suzy’s Sitcom can have hangers added for added fun.

Source: Suzy’s Sitcom

24. Make a Lollipop Bouquet

I would absolutely love someone to give me lollipops, and now you can make money pops! A total win and a great idea from I Heart Nap Time.

Source: I Heart Nap Time

25. Make a Paper Ball

This Crepe Paper Ball is a great option from Sunburst Gifts is really inexpensive to create, and really easy for even the least crafty of us.

26. DIY Money Tree

Creating a money tree is a great option because it looks great, and is also nice and easy to make. This one from Then She Made is a great DIY opportunity.

27. Money Deer

This idea from Jacolyn Murphy is really cute, and extremely festive for the holidays! I’m a huge fan of a glitter animal, especially around the holidays.

Source: Jacolyn Murphy

28. Make It Into a Ring

This origami money ring is a fun one made by Style Baggage and can be really fun to present to someone.

Just be careful you don’t give this to someone who is expected a diamond ring, that could end badly.

Source: Style Baggage

29. Use Printable Gift Card Holders

There are some really incredible printable creators out there, and these gift card printables for teachers are incredible from Hip 2 Save, any teacher would love them!

Source: Hip2Save

30. Play “Dough”

This one is a fun play on words from Mommy Savers. This is an extremely simple way to give money, all you need is an empty playdoh container, but make sure you wash it! That smell won’t come out of the money if you don’t!

Source: Mommy Savers

31. Give a Cute Dough Poem

Sometimes we are just not in the mood to shop, or bake, so we need an easy out. This poem and bag of money idea from Tessie Fay is awesome and you can even grab her printable poem.

Source: Tessie Fay

32. Make a Chocolate Sleigh

This idea from She Saved is a really basic Christmas tradition for many, but you can adjust it slightly by wrapping the base of the sleigh with money!

Source: She Saved

33. Money Bead Necklace

We really love turning money into accessories, so this money bead necklace is super cute and can be a fun accessory for a birthday human. Thanks to I Love Fabric for this idea.

Source: I Love Fabric

34. Make a Santa Bottle

These adorable santa bottles from The Cards We Drew is really fun for any coca-cola lover. It’s simple to make and you can stuff gift cards or cash into the small santa sack!

Source: The Cards We Drew

35. Giftcard Snowglobe

Doesn’t everybody love a snowglobe? This giftcard gift is fun and comes from Freebie Finding Mom. This is just for a gift card though, you don’t want to get cash all wet.

Source: Freebie Finding Mom

36. A Surprise Money Cake

This cake from Opening Fairy Doors is a really secret way to give someone cash, while they think they’re just getting a delicious treat. You’ll hide money in the middle of a cake that can be pulled out!

Source: Opening Fairy Doors

37. Money “Stash”

Really love a great play on words, and this money “stache“, get it? Stash, from The Crafty Blog Stalker that is great for wedding gifts, or graduations.

Source: The Crafty Blog Stalker

38. Put It In Ice

This is one of the simplest and best ways to give money, just put it in ice! This ones super funny, because the parents created a cute note to go along with it, from LoveZilla.

Source: LoveZilla

39. Make a Money Heart

It’s always fun to make origami out of money, and this money heart is adorable. This is from Homemade Gifts Made Easy, and has an awesome sunburst in the middle!

40. Wrap a Rolling Pin

This is a simple idea from Cheryl Jorgensen where you ran roll in the dough! Wrap a beautiful rolling pin in cash and a bow, and it’s a great gift.

Source: Cheryl Jorgensen

41. Make a Money Bracelet

It seems like a lot of these ideas end up being jewelry, and i love that. This money bracelet from By Stephanie Lynn is super cute and can be fun to give.

Source: By Stephanie Lynn

42. Put It In a Sleigh

We love a good santa’s sleigh filled with dough, dough, dough! Get it?. Like HOHOHO but not. Okay, anyway. This is a great option from Jacolyn Murphy and is awesome for holiday gifting.

Source: Jacolyn Murphy

43. Make Angry Birds Balloons

These balloons are super creative and have infinite possibilities, if someone you love has a thing for angry birds, you can fill these balloons with cash and let them pop the balloons! Awesome money gift idea from Craftibilities for any angry birds fan.

Source: Craftibilities

44. Money Tissue Box

This money tissue box from Sunburst Gifts is a fun gift, some of my favourite ways to give money is in a container that should hold something else. You can really confuse somebody with this one.

Source: Sunburst Gifts

45. Cash Wrapped Crayons

This is a super simple way to give money while confusing someone who you’re giving crayons too. Giving this gift to teens is fun because their first thought will be how old do they think I am? until they realize it’s filled with cash.

Source: Unknown

46. Create a Candy and Money Lei

Everybody loves getting something that’s just beautiful, and this candy and money lei is really gorgeous. You can add someone’s favourite snacks inside wrapped in cash for a double win. Awesome money gift idea from Tikkido!

Source: Tikkido

47. Make a Money Printer

I am obsessed with this idea from Instructables because it looks like a money printer. It’s inexpensive to make, and really funny to gift.

Source: Instructables

48. Make a Dollar Bill Gift Card Holder

Why not wrap a gift card in more money? Everybody loves money! This cute money wallet for a gift card is sure to wow, and super simple. From Crafty Journal!

Source: Crafty Journal

49. Money in a Soda Bottle

A gift idea from Charming By Design is a really fun and simple one to create. You can put more than just cash inside, add some chocolates, coins, and other goodies!

Source: Charming by Design

50. Quarters in a Bottle

Sometimes it can be really fun to give someone a gift that will turn out annoying, or may be really awesome. If you have someone who always needs quarters for laundry, this could be the perfect money gift idea from One Hundred Dollars a Month.

Source: One Hundred Dollars a Month

51. Money CD Case

The creator of this one from Style Baggage took it to another level, they created a cute cover for a CD case, and burned a CD filled with songs with money in the title. Awesome!

Source: Style Baggage

52. Money Flower Bouquet

Jenn Balcer created these beautiful money flowers that can be made into a gorgeous bouquet for anybody in your life who loves flowers. Nice and simple too!

Source: J Balcer

53. Make a Money Shirt

This is a simple but effective way to give money, that will show off your impressive folding skills. This origami money shirt from Homemade Gifts Made Easy will make any person smile.

Source: Homemade Gifts Made Easy

54. First-Aid Kit Money

Sometimes it’s just fun to give someone money in something that looks really boring. This idea from What Mommy Does is awesome because it’s cash in a first-aid kit, which everybody needs anyway.

55. Money Prescription Bottle

I have to say that this gift is just what the doctor ordered. An awesome idea from Sunburst Gifts to create a money prescription with an individualized sticker.

Source: Sunburst Gifts

56. Chocolate Candy Box

Everybody loves to get chocolates over the holidays, but they especially love when instead of chocolate its cold hard cash. This idea from Mommy Savers will please anybody on your list.

Source: Mommy Savers

57. Mason Jar Grad Cap

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate a graduate in your life, use this adorable mason jar with a grad cap from No Biggie. It’s awesome because all the bills inside look like little diplomas!

Source: NoBiggie

58. Money Chain

This money chain gift idea is really fun and is from Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss. You can use this for graduations, funny parties, and so much more.

Source: Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

59. Hang Money From Balloons on the Ceiling

If you’re giving a gift to someone and want to surprise them, you could hang money from ribbons on the bottom of balloons! This idea from Living Locurto is a fun way to surprise kids on their birthdays and more.

Source: Living Locurto

60. Candle Money Card

This candle money card from The Happy Scraps is awesome because it fulfils the need for a card, and IS the gift!

Source: The Happy Scrapps

61. Make an Origami Star

This star created by Little Miss Celebration is great for anybody, especially if they want to throw things like Ninja stars. That’s fun. Or just a cute star!

Source: Little Miss Celebration

62. Make it Emergency Money

This way to give money from Mother’s Niche is a fun one because it can double as a piece of art for someone’s home. It may not get to buy them something right now, but some day they are going to need something and that emergency money will come in handy.

Source: Mother’s Niche

63. Tape It All Together

This creative crafter decided to tape a bunch of $1 bills together, and cause mayhem. The bills were connected to a bow on the top of a box through a small slit at the top, and when the bow is pulled off the money flows out.

This is a great option for kids because they will love the fun of pulling the money out and they’ll get excited.

Source: Indulgy

64. Put It In Bottles

Putting money and snacks into glass bottles is a great idea from Busy Mom’s Helper and is awesome because everyone loves a good snack, and you can put some money in there too!

65. Money in a Lightbulb

Putting money in a lightbulb is a very trendy way to give cash, and can look really cute in a pile of gifts. Plus, it’s super inexpensive. This one is thanks to Happy Mothering!

66. A Nice Money Topiary

Creating a money topiary is a really cute gift idea, because you’ll look like you’re rolling in with a nice plant, but it’s really a ball of cash. This is a great idea from Sugar Bee Crafts!

Source: Sugar Bee Crafts

67. Put It In a Mug With Goodies

This mug from Happy Go Lucky Blog is awesome because you can put some matching things inside for a real aesthetic, and add a gift card to the middle!

Source: Happy Go Lucky Blog

68. Make a Money Rosette

This is definitely a fancy money gift idea from Amy Powers and may take a bit of time, but will be very beautiful!

Source: Just Something I Made

69. Money in a Match Box

I am pretty sure the best ways to give money is to stash it in something where money should go. Give them a little money to burn!

Source: Style Baggage

70. Hide the Bread, In Bread!

This funny idea from Craftibilities is both delicious and funny. You can take a nice piece of bread, cut out the insides and wrap it in some plastic. The gift receiver will be thoroughly confused, until they realize that they aren’t just getting bread.

Source: Craftibilities

71. Use a Toilet Paper Roll

Why not keep it nice and simple, using things around the house? This idea from Crafts a la Mode is awesome because all you need is a toilet paper roll, some tape, and wrapping paper.

Source: Crafts a la Mode

72. Put It In a Pez

This idea from Creating Really Awesome Fun Things is really simple, and there are always awesome Pez dispensers for sale! You can get one in their favourite pop culture style, and make it fun!

Source: Creating Really Awesome Fun Things

73. Put It In a Balloon

This money gift idea by Jamie at CRAFT is hilarious and really fun. You give someone a wrapped box that is filled with balloons. Weird, right?

Well, every balloon is filled with something. Could be a dollar, could be a twenty. You could even put gift certificates or groupons inside!

Source: C.R.A.F.T.

74. Money Easter Eggs

One simple and classic way to give money is to throw it in some cute little easter eggs. Hide these around the house to get some fun and excitement going, thanks to what mommy does for this idea!

Source: What Mommy Does

75. Put The Cash in an Ornament

These cash filled ornaments from Family Momentos is a really simple option. You can grab empty ornaments at any local craft store and get letter stickers and ribbon while you’re there!

These ornaments will open from the top so you can put the cash inside, it may be a struggle to get it out though, haha.

Source: Family Momentos

76. Give Your Giftcard a Cardigan

These Gift-Cardigans from Simply Notable is a great way to give a gift card in style.

The best thing is that these card holders can be used to hold credit or debt cards in a purse, or hold business cards after the fact!

Source: Simply Notable

77. DIY Money Pad

Making a money pad like What Mommy Does is really simple and can be impressive to anyone you give it to. It feels fancy, without being anything too complicated.

Source: What Mommy Does

78. Give It As A Gift Basket

This one from Ink Happi is a really cute money gift idea because it can incorporate some other items as well. You can get some inexpensive wooden skewers from amazon and tape random things to it.

Could be cash, gift cards, snacks, or anything else that the receiver would enjoy!

Source: InkHappi

79. Put It in a Crocheted Mug

This one from Repeat Crafter Me is pretty silly looking, and might not do well with a younger crowd, but I’m sure an older gift receiver would love to get cash or a gift card in crochet!

This is a great option for someone who loves coffee, and if you throw in a Starbucks gift card it’s sure to please.

Source: Repeat Crafter Me

80. A Money Umbrella

This money gift idea from Sunburst Gifts is a great one because when you give the umbrella, they won’t be able to tell that there is money inside!

You’ll have to convince them to open it to really discover the gems that are inside.

81. A Money Rose

Most people love flowers and will really like to receive this flower made from cash, I know I would. This is made by Kylyssa Shay and is a simple option!

Source: Kylyssa Shay

82. Put It in Mints

You can really drudge up some excite-mint with this money gift idea from What Mommy Does. Just maybe, don’t eat the mints or gum afterward?

Source: What Mommy Does

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it with our creative money gift ideas for holiday and birthday gift giving and more! If you have any ideas you think we should add to the list, let us know in the comments.