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Bullet Journal Layouts to Master Your Money

If you’re looking to start a budget and get your finances together in 2019, we have a budgeting binder that you need to check out! For a limited time we’re offering it for only $5! Over 80% OFF! This binder includes expense trackers, budget trackers, and so much more! CHECK IT OUT HERE!Bullet journaling is …

Budgeting Get Out of Debt Save Money

Bad Money Habits That Are Keeping You BROKE

Not having enough money to make it to the end of the month is one of the worst feelings I’ve ever experienced. Recently, I wrote a blog post about what you should do when you’re struggling to pay your bills and it made me think a lot about the kinds of habits that cause people …

What to do if you're behind on your bills & struggling to catch up via #NotQuiteAnAdult
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What To Do When You’re Behind on Bills & Are Struggling To Catch Up

We’ve all experienced that overwhelming feeling when you get a bill in the mail but you have zero idea how you’re going to pay it. For some, this is a monthly occurrence. For others, this only happens once a while. But no matter what the situation, it’s a scary and stressful experience to have. The ultimate goal …

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How to Create a Christmas Budget

The holidays are coming! Is anyone else as excited as I am? I’m writing this blog post near the end of September and I’m not at all embarrassed about the fact that I’m wearing a Christmas sweater. I currently look like a gingerbread man, jealous? You should be. Anyway, the holidays are nearing and it seems like …