Welcome to the Not Quite an Adult resources page! This is going to be the one-stop shop for all my favourite companies and services that I feel could add value to your life.

I just want you to know that I will never promote something to you that I don’t already use myself or have used in the past. I really want to help you guys save money, make money, and have an easier life!

For full transparency, some of these are affiliate links which means I get a commission when you start using them which helps to run this website! Thanks for always supporting me and being the best readers ever


Money Saving Websites 


Airbnb is my absolute favourite website when it comes to travelling and spending weekends away. I’m so not a fan of spending a bunch of money on a hotel room and then having to go out to make food. It’s really nice to get an Airbnb because most of the time you get an entire house/apartment with a full kitchen and it just makes life so much easier when you’re on vacation! If you use this link for Airbnb you can get $40 in travel credit for your first trip! 


$5 Meal Plan is my new obsession. I’m horrible at coming up with new recipes. I spend so much time on Pinterest looking up recipes, writing down the wrong ingredients and forgetting half of it at the grocery store. I’m horribly unorganized. $5 Meal Plan takes all the guesswork out of meal planning! They send you a meal plan for the week along with a detailed grocery list! You’ll have the exact plan you need to make great meals for you and your family. So. Awesome. If you sign up with $5 Meal Plan using my link, your first two weeks are free! 


Ebates is the best cashback website out there. The awesome thing about Ebates is that they have websites that you already use, like AMAZON. I make so many purchases using Amazon and I can’t even explain how nice it is to get a few percent back from these shopping sprees. Try out Ebates for free and start earning cash back! 


Honey is a free browser extension that searches the web for coupon codes for you to use for your online purchases. The first time I ever used honey I was spending $150 at Forever 21 because I was going away for a few days and wanted some new cute stuff and honey found me a coupon that saved me 25% that wasn’t advertised ANYWHERE on the website. I was so excited and told all my friends. Honey is the best, start saving money today


Uber is my favourite way to get around since I don’t own a car myself. If you’ve never heard of uber, let me give you a little run down of how it works. It’s a taxi-service that is cheaper than traditional cabs where it charges to your account on their app so there’s no awkward exchange of money. It’s awesome. If you want to try out uber you can get your first Uber ride free if you use the code “tayloro1573ue”!


Money Making Websites 


Swagbucks was the first make money online website I ever joined and over the past few years, I’ve made some decent money through Swagbucks! The awesome thing about is that they pay you for doing things you’d already do. For example, they have a built-in search feature and you’ll earn SB just for using it. If you sign up using my link and earn 300 Swagbucks, you’ll get a bonus 300 SB for free! 


American Consumer Opinion is a really great option for an online survey company where you can make money from your bed. Is there a better kind of money to be made? Bed money? Oh man. American consumer opinion pays you for every survey you complete and can definitely add a few extra dollars to your wallet pretty easily. Start Earning Money Now!


Blogging Resources 

Tailwind is a Pinterest scheduling tool that I used to schedule some of my pins along with manual pinning (which was inspired by Pinteresting Strategies). Over 90% of my blog traffic comes here straight from Pinterest! The best thing about Tailwind is that you can do an entire weeks worth of Pinterest in just one hour and it takes all the guesswork out of it. Try out tailwind and get your first month free!


Bluehost is my choice for blog hosting. If you want to start making money blogging you have to pay for hosting and really take it seriously. Using a free site like Blogger can be great if it’s just a hobby but if you want to take it to a business you must get hosting. I highly suggest that you start a WordPress blog with Bluehost! You can get hosting for your blog for only $3.95 a month and a free domain! 


Mailerlite is my current email list provider for my website. I just recently started trying to gain an email list and Mailerlite is free for your first 1,000 subscribers. The service is super easy to use and the emails send out exactly how I want them too! Their opt-in boxes are also cute and you can make them look however you want. I highly suggest Mailerlite if you’re just starting out blogging or just starting out building an email list. 

Blogging Courses

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing is the best course you can invest in if you want to make real money from your blog. It was created by Michelle of and is the number one reason why I’ve been able to generate any income from this website. Michelle is an affiliate marketing genius and is able to generate upwards of $50,000/month from just affiliate marketing. She gives away a lot of her secrets in this course and I highly recommend you check it out


Pinteresting Strategies changed my blog traffic forever. I swear by absolutely everything that Carly teaches in this ebook! Most bloggers out there are telling you the only way to generate blog traffic from Pinterest is to use these expensive scheduling tools that they get affiliate income for, but Carly teaches it in a different way. She believes manual pinning is a great way to do it and her methods work. I highly recommend you give this method a try if you’re looking to up your Pinterest game.