Welcome to the Not Quite an Adult recommendations page, this is my one-stop shop for all my favourite companies and resources that are going to help you both save money and make money.

Before we get to the goods, I want you to know that I never promote something that I haven’t used myself and that I don’t believe in, because I can’t stand getting a product and it being sub-par.

For full-transparency, some of these are affiliate links which means that Not Quite an Adult will get a small commission when you use a product or service that you purchase through one of these links. You can learn more about this stuff on our affiliate disclosure page.

Money Saving Resources


Ebates is an entirely free online service that earns you cash back on purchases made at places like Amazon, Walmart, Sephora, and so many more. Thousands of websites! You can get a big fat check in the mail or sent to you via paypal and earn some awesome money on things you were already going to buy.

Credit Sesame

Tracking your credit score is extremely important and is one of the best things you can for your finances in the long run. Credit sesame is a 100% free credit tracking service that can help you make sure there are no discrepancies on your credit report.


Honey is a free browser extension that will search the internet for the best coupon codes to help you save money when shopping online. They have coupon codes for hundreds of online retailers and the average person who downloads the extension using my exclusive link saves over $50 in their first few months.


Trim is a super cool new online personal finance manager. Trim can cancel subscriptions for you, fight overdraft fees with your bank and so much more. It’s a really cool service that makes it easier to deal with the little financial annoyances.


Paribus is a website that is run by Capital One that gets you price adjustments for purchases you’ve made online. This means that if you buy something for $100 on a Tuesday but the price drops to $80 on Wednesday, Paribus will get you that $20 back quick and easy.

$5 Meal Plan

$5 Meal Plan is one of the best ways to stop spending a ton of money on food you aren’t actually going to eat. They send you a meal plan and a detailed grocery list each month so you can have an actual meal plan with awesome meals that are DELICIOUS.


Digit is a really awesome online service if you find yourself struggling to save money month to month. They’ll hook up with your accounts, analyze your spending habits, and save the exact perfect amount of money that you can afford each month.

Investing Resources


Acorns is an investing app that connects to your bank account and rounds up your purchases to invest the spare change. It’s one of the simplest ways to automate your investing and get started without the overwhelm of trying to find a stock to invest in on your own!

Wealth Simple

Wealth Simple is another awesome investing service that is considered a robo-investor and can help you make financial decisions based on the amount of risk you’re willing to take on.

Money Making

The Selling Family

Beginner Blogging Bootcamp

Flea Market Flippers University

American Consumer Opinion

If you’re looking to make easy money from home, American Consumer Opinion is a really amazing option for doing surveys from the comfort of your couch. American Consumer Opinion pays you for each survey you complete, and isn’t one of those annoying and sketchy websites that a lot of people recommend.

Proofread Anywhere

Freelance to 5K


Sweat Coin

Deliver with Shipt

Deliver with Instacart


Beginner Blogging Bootcamp



Pinteresting Strategies

If you’re just starting out trying to get traffic to your blog from Pinterest, this is a really awesome beginner course that will teach you exactly how Pinterest works and how to make it work for you. Pinteresting Strategies was created by Carly Campbell and is the best Pinterest resource I’ve purchased thusfar.

Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers


Are you trying to save money but don't know where to start? Maybe you've been trying to learn how to start investing but that's been a struggle, or maybe you're trying to increase your income and start working from home, this recommendations page can give you tips on budgeting, frugal living, and so much more #finance #money