Hello beautiful people!

We all want to look beautiful and have more confidence and one of the best ways to feel amazing about yourself is to wear your favourite make-up look! I’m not saying that you need to wear make up to be beautiful, but sometimes it’s fun to draw your face on! Here are some of my favourite ways to save money on makeup. 

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#1 – Watch Youtube Reviews BEFORE Buying 

Thankfully, we live in a world where there are make up reviews all over Youtube and you can find a review for pretty much every product! It’s pretty awesome. I highly suggest that before buying ANYTHING in the make up department you should check on reviews.

There have been a ton of high end make up products that have been hyped up A LOT and that didn’t live up to the hype which you’d only know if you watched videos! You don’t want to spend money on something just to end up never using it because it was a subpar product! 

#2 – Sample EVERYTHING 

Obviously you aren’t going to be able to sample everything but there are a couple stores that allow you to sample things like foundation or moisturizer at no cost to you. If you’re able to sample it, do it. Ask for a sample at Sephora, they’ll give you a ton of things for free if you just ASK. You never know if something is going to work for your skin so try and test it! 

#3 – Find Drug Store Dupes 

So, pretty much every time a new product comes out the drug store brands are going to try and make a version of that same product for a cheaper price. I’ll be honest, a lot of the time they fail at making it a good dupe. But every once in a while you’ll be able to find something really good for a quarter of the price.

The best way to find the good ones without trying everything yourself? Youtube videos and blog posts, of course! You can search “dupe for (insert product name here)” on Youtube or Google and find just about everything! 

#4 – Get Cash Back at Sephora 

If you’re anything like me, you don’t like the mall. I will do just about anything to avoid actually having to go shopping, so I shop online A LOT. One of my favourite tools for shopping online is called Ebates and you can use Ebates to get cash back at SEPHORA!

Doesn’t every body love cash back? I sure do! So, all you need to do is sign up for FREE and then click through to Sephora from the Ebates website and you’ll receive a cash back credit to your account in a few days! 

#5 – Try a Silicone Applicator instead of a Beauty Blender

Okay, okay. I’ll admit that I’m a beauty blender enthusiast, but WHY ARE THEY SO EXPENSIVE? I would understand paying $20-30 for a brush if it was going to last more than a few months but a sponge? Oh no! This is why I’ve been getting into the newer trend of silicone makeup applicators, they do pretty much the same thing as a beauty blender but they don’t soak up any product like a beauty blender would AND they are much easier to clean which means they’ll last longer!

#6 – Keep Up With Your Skin Care Routine 

Having a skin care routine in place will not only make your make up LOOK better, but it will make you use much less make up. I’m pretty sure using less is the BEST way to save money on make up, duh! I know that it isn’t fun to wash your face every morning and evening and it’s so tempting to just fall asleep in your make up after a late night, but you’re only harming yourself.

Not only does sleeping in your make up age your skin, it also causes breakouts which makes your make up look much worse. I’ve created a daily habit tracker that I put on the wall of my bedroom to make sure I wash my face every morning and evening or else I’ll forget. This little hack has changed my life! Wash your face ladies, and gents! 

#7 – Use Reward Programs 

Rewards programs are great because you get free stuff for buying things you already planned on buying! It’s even better now a days because you don’t have to have 100 cards in your wallet and most of it can be done on your phone.

My favourite program is my drug store’s points program because I get my makeup and a ton of other stuff there. Once or twice a year I’ll have like $200 worth of free stuff and that’s when I get all new skin care and make up products and don’t have to pay a penny! You can also use Sephora’s program to earn points and get free products!

#8 – Always Buy On Sale 

I’m a huge fan of drug store make up because most of it is awesome quality and I don’t wear a ton of make up so I don’t need it to be the fanciest, I’m in my local drug store at least once a week so I’m always watching the prices and promotions on my favourite products. Now, places like Sephora hardly ever go on sale but you can take advantage of their very rare VIB sale! Make sure you can get the best price before you buy because make up is expensive. 

#9 – Learn How to Fix Broken Make Up 

In high school, I was on the swim team and used to throw my make up compacts in my swim bag and I broke at least one a month. Little did I know you can actually fix this stuff with just a few small steps and it can save you soooooooooo much money. I found a really awesome DIY tutorial on how to fix make up that can save you from the devastation of breaking that brand new highlight. Don’t throw your money away! Try and save it! 

#10 – Try “Sephora” Brand Instead of High-End 

If you want something that’s a step between drug store make up but below the high end stuff, the Sephora brand may be perfect for you. They have just about everything you could need and their products come in so so so many colours. You can get great quality stuff at a fraction of the price of brands like Benefit or Tarte. 


Are you a bargain make up shopper? Do you have any awesome ways you save money on make up? Leave them in the comments!