How to Start a WordPress blog with Bluehost!

How to Start a WordPress blog with Bluehost!

If you would have told me 6 months ago that today I’d be a blogger and be making money doing it, I’d never believe you. I always thought bloggers were these super fancy, fashionable and beautiful people who talked about their lives and had tons of money. Bloggers are regular people, like you and me. I can’t believe how easy it is to start a WordPress blog with Bluehost AND how inexpensive it can be! 

Is blogging for you? That’s really a question only you can answer. Blogging is hard work. If you’re willing to stay committed to it and work hard, then you can and should try it out. In terms of side hustles, blogging can be one of the most profitable with the least amount of financial investment! Okay, okay, I’ll stop rambling and get into it. Here’s a simple, easy to follow tutorial on how to create a WordPress blog using Bluehost! 

Start a profitable blog using bluehost for no money! Start a WordPress blog with Bluehost today!

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Self Hosted vs. Free

“Why can’t I just blog on something that is free? Like or Blogger?”. The honest answer is that you can, but you don’t own the website. This means that have the ability to shut down your website at any time and you’ll lose everything and that’s scary. Self-Hosting your blog allows you to have the freedom to monetize your website as well as own all of your content. 

Another reason to self-host is credibility. If my website was called vs people aren’t going to take me as seriously. You may not think this is a big deal, but it is. You want to build trust and credibility to really make a difference. 

Self-hosting isn’t really that expensive at all! For less than a cup of expensive Starbucks coffee a month you can self-host your website, own all your content and make tons of cash!  

Why choose Bluehost?

Bluehost is actually recommended by WordPress as the best hosting website for them. WordPress is KEY if you’re going to be blogging, you may think you can start by using something simpler (that’s what I did, big mistake) but if you’re going to take this blogging thing even a little bit serious you must learn WordPress! 

Bluehost has 24/7 customer and WordPress support, one-click WordPress installs and a crazy easy to navigate interface. 

Bluehost offers you a FREE domain when you sign up, which can be up to a $20 value! 

Click here to sign up for Bluehost


Start a WordPress blog with Bluehost

I recommended you start with a basic account, you don’t want to start with something more expensive than what you need! That would just be throwing money away. The basic account gives you full access to everything you need in the beginning months of your blog. 

Decide on your blog niche

Your blog niche is essentially what you are going to blog about. Are you into finance like me? Are you a photography blogger? Do you want to talk about crafts to do with kids? This is a really important decision to make early on because you want your domain name to reflect your niche. 

Pick your domain name 

A domain name is the of your website. Your domain name is going to be part of your brand so you really want it to represent both you and your niche. My blog is all about teaching young people about money, so I went with not quite an adult. This represents my audience, but not entirely my niche so I introduced a tagline about making and saving money. 

You don’t want to put too much time into choosing your domain name, this is important, but it isn’t life or debt. Let’s remember that content is king and the most important part of your blog. Your readers will continue to come back if the content is good regardless of what your domain name is. 


Start a WordPress blog with Bluehost

The next step is to enter your account information! This I can’t really help you with because it’s all about YOU. 

Start a WordPress blog with Bluehost

You’ll now be able to review your plan. If you want to enjoy the low price of $3.95 a month for the longest amount of time, you’ll want to pick the 36 month plan. This way you’ll have 3 years of blogging for a very very very low price!

Also, this page has tons of add-ons you can get.

The only one I completely recommend to pay for is the Domain Privacy Protection. Why? Privacy Protection means that when someone searches who owns a domain name, it will come up as Bluehost and have their information, as opposed to giving a stranger your personal information, email address, and home address. Keep yourself safe and pay the extra dollar. 

Start a WordPress Blog with Bluehost

Now it’s time to enter your credit card information, that’s all on you too! 

Start a wordpress blog with bluehost

And boom! You have hosting and a domain. 

How to install WordPress on your new Bluehost Website

The next step is to scroll down on the homepage to the “Website” section. This is where you’ll find the Install WordPress button. Click this, install WordPress and create your password. You’ll be able to choose a free theme from this page as well. 

Start a WordPress blog with bluehost

And there you have it! You have a WordPress blog hosted by Bluehost. 

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