In today’s age, we can all agree that we live a very comfortable life. You no longer have to leave your house during working hours to do your shopping. Instead, a few clicks on your laptop, computer or smartphone, even on Sunday evening for example, are enough to do your shopping.

But in some cases you still go to the supermarket or bakery every day to get more or less the same fresh products. We are used to buying everything we want immediately. And soon after, many things end up in the cellar, for example because they are not yet interesting or necessary. So it’s worth thinking about what it would be like not to spend any money for a week and save.

What you should consider during this self-experiment

In order to share in this experience, it is advisable to take precautions not to deprive yourself of meals. It is advisable to fill the fridge and cupboards a week in advance to ensure that enough food and drinks are available.

Most of the time, however, they are already filled and waiting for partially expired food to be emptied. You may be able to save a lot of money during this special week and use the rest of the food. You should not withhold fresh food such as bread, milk and vegetables, but you should buy them in advance.

If you plan to invite friends or family for a party, it is a good idea to buy enough food in advance or ask the guests to bring some of it. Since this week, when no money is spent, usually affects the working week, it is important to put slices of bread with cold cuts or pasta in the morning before work or the day before, for example, and cut vegetables or fruit so that you don’t get hungry during breaks.

In any case, you should plan time here if you are not used to preparing meals for the next day’s work, or if you often go to the cafeteria or supermarket closest to work to get food or snacks. If you are travelling by car rather than public transport, you should make sure to fill up your car in advance so that you do not have to drive to a gasa station during this special week. It may be possible to switch to a bicycle if the distance between home and work is not too far.

Also consider a week of financial abstinence for leisure activities

Some people go to the cinema regularly at least once a week. But if you can’t do without a movie, you can watch it on your TV or in the Internet to save money.

Those who feel like having an ice cream will often go to their nearest ice cream spot. But you can also be creative and prepare ice cream with the food available at home. It does not contain any preservatives or colorants and can be eaten after a few hours of freezing.

People who also like to buy clothes more often should wear clothes that have been hanging in the wardrobe or stayed in the wardrobe longer and still look good, even if they are not the latest trends.


With the above suggestions, which are only examples, it is possible to go a week without money. Some people have to get used to it, while others find it easier to do so.

During this time, however, one comes to think and appreciate many other things that are otherwise always taken for granted. The purpose of this experience is to become aware of how to deal with money, clothes, books and other things.