11 Small Changes for BIG Weight Loss Results

11 Small Changes for BIG Weight Loss Results

Recently, I decided that I was no longer okay with being unhealthy and recommitted to my health and fitness. Weight loss is one of the hardest things that a person can go through when it comes to self-confidence and self-love and it’s so important. Everybody knows that the best way to lose weight is to change your lifestyle habits by cutting calories and exercising! 

11 small changes for big weight loss results



So much of losing weight and getting healthier is psychological. We never really think that something as minimal as the size of your plate can change the way you look and feel, but it can and it does! There is something in our brain that tells us we are being given more food if the plate is full, even if the plate is smaller. Using smaller plates is automatically going to make you eat less. 


There is nothing worse for weight loss and being healthy than drinking things like fruit juices, soda, and alcohol. They’re all super fun to consume but so absolutely horrible for you! If you’re drinking even just 1 can of soda a day it can be anywhere from 100-300 calories! This also applies to diet soda, the chemicals in these aren’t any better for you than the sugar in regular soda. 

It is usually hard for 20-somethings to justify cutting out alcohol, even if they know it’s going to be better for their health. Alcohol hardcore dehydrates your body and it’s filled with so many calories that people don’t think about. Just one night of drinking can lead to 1000 calories EASY. Think before you drink. 


There is nothing worse than being hungry when you’re out and about and having to go into a fast food restaurant or a convenience store. If you’re ready with something healthy like almonds or fruit on hand, then you won’t wander into a store and buy 2x the stuff you actually need and end up eating way more than you ever intended. Prepare yourself with small containers of different snacks that don’t need to be kept cold (almonds, cashews, etc) and leave them in your car. 


Pink Waterbottle

Our bodies are 70% water. Everything in our body works better when we drink more water. Our brains run on water and need it to survive. There were times when I was in school when I wouldn’t drink anything but Redbull for days on end. There hasn’t been a time in my life when I’ve felt worse and I definitely learned from my mistakes. The recommended amount of water is 8 cups a day. This may sound like a lot but the truth is once you start getting there, it’s pretty easy to accomplish and you’ll crave water more than anything else! 


The best thing you can have to focus yourself on drinking more water is a reusable water bottle. Having one of these on hand can be so beneficial to you water drinking! If you want to try out a water bottle like the pink one shown here, check out this one sold by Kohls! 




Did you know that walking 10,000 steps a day is the equivalent of 500 calories? That’s a lot of energy burned. As people who live in western society, we often find ourselves spending hours at a desk or in front of a television and not enough time out and about moving our bodies. If you were to just add an extra 10,000 steps to your routine every day for a week, you’d lose a pound. Pretty awesome stuff. 


The old way to exercise while watching TV was to do it during commercials. Well, these days who watches commercials? When watching Netflix you can easily add 50 crunches in between episodes before you let it play the next one! This is a great way to get your body moving during an activity that would traditionally be done laying down! 


When I was younger my mom was notorious for parking as far from the entrance to every store as possible. When myself and my brother complained she’d say “It’s only an extra 80 steps”. I learned a lot from my mother in this sense. Is it really going to inconvenice you that much if you have to walk a little further to get into the store? Unless you’re planning a giant shopping spree where your bags are 10 pounds each, this is a great tip! 


Your body needs sleep. If we didn’t need sleep so many of us wouldn’t do it because we want to get more things done in a day. Sleep is when your body is able to rest and restore your muscles. If you don’t get an adequate amount of rest you’ll find yourself both physically and mentally exhausted, drinking more coffee, and making worse food choices. 



Skipping meals is one of the worst things you can do for your metabolism. There are so many women out there that think it’s totally okay to skip meals because that’s fewer calories. That’s not how bodies work! When you skip a meal your body is going to take the food you ate earlier and turn that into fat storage for the next time you skip a meal so you’re not doing yourself any favours. Eat smaller meals more often! 



If you live in an area where the stores you need are less than a 30-minute walk away, why are you driving? 30-minutes may seem like an eternity, but that’s how long you’d be sitting watching a sitcom on TV and you never worry about the time when watching TV!! Walking is some of the best exercise you can get because it’s easy on your joints compared to running and can really add up. 



Stretching your muscles when you wake up is a great way to jump-start your metabolism and get your body working. I know it’s annoying to do, trust me I hate stretching. But waking up 5 minutes earlier is going to help you to be more flexible and to really see your progress in your fitness journey! 




I really hope you guys are killing your goals, both health goals, and personal goals! If you have any other tips you’d like to share that help you to stay healthy be sure to leave it in the comment section down below.

As always, thank so much for reading,

xo Taylor



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