4 Sidehustle Options to Make Money This Week!

4 Sidehustle Options to Make Money This Week!

Everyone out there could use a few extra bucks here and there. A sidehustle can be the answer to most of your money problems! Some people don’t have the time to create a sidehustle for themselves but these options are low investment and low time!

start a side hustle - 4 sidehustle options to make you money this week

There are so many blog posts out there about creating a side hustle and 90% of them recommend starting a blog. The main issue I have with this is that most people that are looking up ways to start a side hustle probably already have a full-time job, or a family, or both.

Starting a blog takes real hard work and there is no way that every person reading those posts are going to be able to make a profitable blog work!
I’ve been reading up on ways you can side hustle since the day I started University.

I had a full-time service job at a popular Canadian coffee shop (any Canadian readers here love Tim Hortons? I did…. until I worked there full time for almost 6 years haha) and the only thing I wanted was ways to make money from home in between study sessions and naps.
To this day I can’t stand the smell of coffee and donuts make my stomach turn, can’t explain it but it’s a thing.

The very first side hustle I ever tried was youtube. Yup. I tried to be a YouTuber. I posted like 30 videos over a 6 month period and it took over my entire life. The worst thing is that I only made $1.20. ONE DOLLAR and twenty cents. I’ve always been a big fan of youtube and wanted to see if it was for me and decided I’m definitely not an on-camera personality. But, I am planning to start a youtube channel for my baby sister which I’m very excited about!!

After years of trial and error I’m going to let you in on all my little secrets on the 4 best side hustles you can try out to actually make money this week! AND all of them are so low-stress and low-investment it’ll blow your mind.

ps. #4 made me a nice chunk of money……


I honestly don’t think there is anything I love in the entire world more than I love dogs. I have a little pooch of my own whose name is Marshmallow and he’s the light of my entire life.  My neighbourhood is about 50% little old couples that have lived there for 40 years who have the most adorable dogs. 

Dog walking is hands down one of the easiest things to market to your neighbours. All you need is a good people skills, a love for dogs, a printer and basic flyer editing which can be done super easy through Canva, their editing software comes with super easy to use templates and I genuinely used them for my very first flyer for another business I started. 

Dog walking can be a very flexible work environment too, it can be specifically at night which is perfect if you already have a 9-5. You can charge $10 for a half hour long walk which is pretty decent money, plus the extra exercise you’re going to get doesn’t hurt!


This one is going to be a lot like #1, the only investment you’ll need is some sort of advertisement to gain the trust of your neighbours! You can take care of people’s animals while they are on vacation, or water their plants, or collect their mail. People are willing to pay money for this because they want their vacation experiences to be as seamless and easy as possible! 

Just don’t steal their stuff! 


Okay, this isn’t a “side hustle” in the traditional sense, and it isn’t going to make you money forever; however, every person I know has a ton of clothes in their closet or knick-knacks that they just don’t love anymore! 

Earlier this summer I took one weekend to go through everything in my closet and all the cute things on my shelves and I took to Facebook! Buy/Sell/Trade sites are absolutely wonderful for making a little extra cash on the side. These sites are created just for people to sell things to others around their area and usually same day pick-up is the norm. 

I sold half the stuff in my closet and about 20 random things from around my house and made a solid $300 in a weekend! That’s great money in my opinion! Paid my phone bill for a couple months, so that’s the best. 


Out of all the small side hustles that I have listed above, this one is going to have the highest investment but I promise you it will 100% be worth it. And let’s get something straight when I saw “highest investment” it’s still not a lot. You can get most of the products at the dollar store!! 

So, how is refinishing furniture easy

Let me tell you! 
In the past few months, I have taken old wood furniture that people no longer wanted, painted it using a homemade chalk paint mixture and sold it for 10x what I spent on it. TEN TIMES. The profit margins are craaaaaaaaazy and the actual process wasn’t too hard. 

I’m gonna throw in a great example of how I did this and a beautiful success story that I’m still so incredibly proud of because it turned out so beautiful *heart eye emoji*

So I was driving around with my mom going somewhere, and we saw this beautiful, giant, old, wood dresser just sitting on the side of the road. It had all its original hardware and just needed a little TLC!

I really hope you guys see the potential in this beautiful dresser. I decided I wanted to go grey with gold accents and just go for it. It took me about 5 hours in total and I sold the finished product for $300.

I got the paint from my boyfriend who had it left over from painting his apartment, spent $5 on gold spray paint, $5 on plaster of Paris to make the chalk paint, and $5 on a paint brush and paint tray from dollar tree.

free dresser + $15 in materials for a $285 profit for 5 hours of work.

ready to see the finished product?

She. Is. So. Beautiful.



I really hope these 4 “side hustle” ideas helped inspired some of you to be your own boss in some part of your life! Even if it is just an evening or weekend hustle!

Get out there and create the life you want beauties!

thanks so much for reading,

xo Taylor 

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