The “About us” page is the place on your website where you introduce yourself to the virtual world.

Here, your intention is also to build a relationship with potential customers, and engage and interest your visitors about the rest of your website. If you think this page is not important, because ‘nobody will read this’, you are wrong. The “About Us” page is one of the most visited pages on almost every website.

Below are 6 tips how to optimise your “About Us” page:

1. Mention Your Name And Show A Picture 

Depending on the content of your website, you should show your full name, and some contact information. 

If you sell a product online, you need to show an address and telephone number. Potential customers do not want to feel that you are a scammer.

Let’s talk about photos:
You can ask a good friend if they could take some photos of you; or you can shoot some selfies if your phone has a decent camera.

As your website evolves you might want to invest into professional photos eventually.

2. Approach Your Audience Personally

Yes, your visitors want to know who you are and what makes you tick. 

But ultimately they also want to know if you can help them overcome their challenge or answer their current questions about a specific problem.

They want the confident and competent professional and person behind the page.

Talking about the most common or actual problems or questions will show your readers that you understand your target group, their current situation and their living environment. 

Mention achievements and names of former customers if you have permission to do so.

3. Offer Your Audience A Story Instead Of A Resume

Of course, you can and should mention your education, professional background and awards on your “About Us” page. But keep in mind we all have education, training and experience.

You want to set yourself apart from others in your industry. Your personality and your history will do that!

Answer questions like:
Why do you actually do what you do today? What were the turning points in your life? Which values are important to you today and has it changed from the past and why?

Make it unique.

4. You Can Publish Your First Draft

You have control over your website and the texts written on it; and it is fine to create a preliminary page and publish it.

You can always come back later and correct what you don’t like.

If you work on your page until you feel it is perfect, you will never publish it. Better done than perfect.

Just give Google time to index your website by using social media to direct interested people to your website. If it doesn’t contain the perfect photo or script it is not the end of the world.  

What you might lose through your perfectionism are rankings, page views, and potentially customers!

5. Keep It Simple And True

Your “About Us” page will never please everybody; and that is fine, because it does not have to. 

The more it reflects the real you, the more you attract the people who will fit you perfectly. 
You will cater to the right audience and it will become a satisfying and successful enterprise based on common ground. 

6. Format Your “About Us” Page In A Readable Way.

You want to make sure that the reader’s eye is not overwhelmed by too many distractions while trying to read your introduction. 

Add paragraphs, use bold text where you feel it is important, but try to avoid using different fonts, or using a light text colour on a dark background.

If you add pictures, photos or any other images, format them in a way it makes sense and fits the information in the text.
Your goal is to entice your reader to continue reading the rest of your website.