You can reach a point with your blog where everything becomes independent and you just have to spend some time and energy to make money with your blog.

However, there are a few things you have to consider. Passive income is not as passive as the word sounds.
You have to work hard at least temporarily, without pay.

It is associated with a certain amount of uncertainty (e.g. due to Google updates, changes in commissions or the complete termination of partnership programs).

But if you invest the time and patience, there will be a time where you might spend as little as 5 hours per week to maintain your blog, but the income is coming in steadily.
Below you will find 9 tips to get your passive income rolling.

1. Find The Right Keyword

Find a keyword that meets certain criterias.
A keyword has to be classified easily.

Visitors who search for this keyword are interested in a product or have a specific problem that can be solved by buying a product or service.
Search for keywords with 200 or more requests per month.

You can also earn a lot of money with small keywords provided the visitors bring a strong buying interest. In general, the more precise the keyword, the more lucrative it is.
For example “buy product ab” is a better search than “product ab”.

For the keyword search I can recommend the KWFinder. It shows not only the search volumes and the relevant keywords, but also the strength of competition for a keyword.

2. Find A Suitable Product

A number of bloggers make the same mistakes all the time. Their advertisements for products or services  don’t match the content of their blog at all and therefore aren’t interesting to their visitors. 

For example, if you are a trendy blogger for fashion then promoting a credit provider might not give you the desired return. 
You want to go with a promotion which meets the interest of your audience. 

To turn your visitors into customers, it is essential that you offer them exactly the product they are looking for and solve the question or problem they have. In addition, you must support the product you are promoting 100% so that you can continue to use it or try it out yourself.
Your visitors will quickly notice if you simply want to sell them something.

3. Find A Profitable Affiliate Program

Have you found a keyword and a product? Then it is time to find a suitable partner program so that you can earn money passively with your content.
An affiliate program must meet the following criteria:

  • A well-known and reliable provider with a modern website optimized for mobile phones.
  • High commissions in all areas with high margins, such as fashion, digital products or financial services
  • Long duration of the use of cookies
  • Low cancellation fees (not always public)
  • High conversion rate (not always public)
  • High value of the shopping cart (not always public)

4. Write An Article Optimized With Keywords

Write an article about the keyword you found in step 1. 
Structure the article well by using lists, titles, images, tables, etc., and place the keyword in the most important places (title, meta-title, meta-description, URL, several times in the body, alternative texts and image file names).

It is also important to include relevant keywords. KWFinder or Google’s keyword planner can help you find relevant keywords. A thesaurus is also useful.
For further help follow the recommendations of Yoast SEO.

5. Repeat Steps 1 To 4

It is always a matter of luck that your articles are well placed in Google. 
Therefore, I advise you not to limit yourself to a single keyword, but to try 10 articles optimized for a specific keyword.

However, the quality of the articles and the keyword search should not suffer. Take your time and select 10 very good keywords, for each of which you will write a long, high-quality article.

6. Wait For The Results

After you have written your 10 articles, I recommend that you wait about two weeks to see how each article is ranked for the keywords you selected.

If you have a blog that is already well connected, optimized for mobile phones and doesn’t have a long loading time, you should certainly see some rankings. If you have done your keyword research well, there should be some rankings on the first page.

Sometimes some articles are found on the eighth page or not at all. But that doesn’t matter, because you have nothing to lose. In case of doubt, even if none of your articles are found on the first ten pages of Google, you have written very good articles for your readers and laid the foundation for future rankings.

7. Create Links

Now that you know how well each article works on Google, it’s time to create links to further improve your ranking. To make it easier for you focus on the 3 best ranked articles.

If your blog is already well known and well referenced, sometimes it only takes a few good direct links to the article to go from page 4 to page 1 or from page 9 to page 4. The goal is of course to get first place, but for some keywords third or fifth place is already enough to generate passive income from your blog.

8.  What Defines A Good Connection?

A good link is characterized by two things: Firstly, it comes from a website with high domain authority, e.g. a website that is in itself well linked, and secondly, it is embedded in relevant content. That means, if you want to position yourself for the keyword “baby buggy”, the link must also be embedded in content related to the topic “baby buggy”.

Another way to increase the relevance of a link is to have the keyword in the anchor text. Make it bold or cursive, just let it stand out.
However, this should not be exaggerated, as an excessive number of keywords in the anchor text seems unnatural to Google and can lead to a drop in ranking.

9. How To Get Good Links

You have to write very good content and then:
Networking, networking, networking with other bloggers.

You can write to other bloggers or online magazines and ask them if you can write a guest article (in which you link to your articles). You can interview other bloggers on your blog and be interviewed by them in return. You can also organize a blogger parade or a lottery. There are many possibilities.

Final thoughts: 

Making money passively or getting a lot of traffic with a blog takes time.
Don’t give up, even if your blog has only 1,000 visitors per month after six months and you don’t even earn enough money to cover your monthly hosting costs.
Search for new keywords. Try to get links in other places. Try to write more articles. The success will come with time.