Have you ever thought about having your own blog as a platform?

This article will introduce you to how to take this step. Because there are so many ways to make money with a blog – directly and indirectly. 

Earning Money while you sleep?

Blogs have been the subject of a lot of hype in recent years, and sometimes they make you think that internet money is on the street, so to speak, and that you just have to cash it in, while you are sitting on the beach with a cold drink, your account is magically filled with passive income.

This is of course a rather unrealistic idea. Although some people will get to the point where their blog activity is making very good profits. But there’s still a long way to go until then.
The good news is that you can do it and make money with a blog! But you have to work very hard and be willing to do a lot besides your regular work – without being financially rewarded

How To Create A Blog The Right Way

First of all you have to think of yourself. What could you write about over and over again without running out of ideas? What topic appeals to you in such a way that you forget the time and everything around you when you deal with it? 

Now, if we start from our writer’s point of view: In what area do you want to produce your future work? In which area do you want to specialize?

If you want to make money with a blog, you need to be as professional as possible from the beginning. This starts with the logo. Of course, you can have one of the basic elements installed on the corresponding internet platforms for a few dollars.
But I advise you to take a little more money and hire a very good designer. A logo is your business card, and if people think it’s great, you’re sure to get their attention.

What To Know When Creating A Blog

  • Choose a name that’s catchy and not too complicated.
  • Start immediately with a real domain name, not Blogspot or anything else.
  • Have at least one article in each category when you start.
  • Be present on social networks from the start.

If you take these points into account, you’re already well on your way to earning money with a blog one day. My experience shows that it is worth it, especially if you take care of your followers, answer questions conscientiously and thus build up a community.

And above all: always be authentic and not “fake”: People know if you are really passionate about your work and if you bring them real added value or if you just want to make money with a blog. And that’s exactly what your potential customers will quickly notice

How long does it take?
One thing is clear, and I have already pointed this out: From one day to the next, no one is likely to knock on your blog’s doors. Therefore, the following virtues are particularly important:

  • Patience
  • Passion
  • Persistence
  • Resistance
  • Absolute Will

It takes persistence and the will to stay there. Even if you don’t get much in return at first. Making money with a blog is more like running a marathon than a sprint, but you are building something that has substance in the long run! 

It’s not easy to find the extra time, especially when you are still working full-time. Because many things come together: Finding topics, writing blog entries, choosing pictures and recording everything.
Then advertising the posts via facebook, various groups and forums; and finally  responding to messages, requests for collaboration and much more.

So plan a little more time from the beginning to be really prepared. In case of doubt, other leisure activities should be limited – at least temporarily – for this purpose. It’s not always pleasant, but if you’re really passionate about your subject, you’re willing to make the necessary sacrifices.

4 Requirements You Must Fulfill

A good idea, passion and the right attitude are not enough to make money with a blog. You have to work hard now to create the conditions that will allow you to make money in the future.

  • Write High Quality Content
    The Potato and Meat and the beginning of all possibilities to make money with a blog, no matter how you do it, can be summarised briefly and concisely: Write high quality content! It brings all the passion and – depending on how it fits in – a strong personal touch.
    If many people like your articles, sooner or later there will be potential customers among them.

  • Ensure Continuous Traffic
    Sufficient traffic bringing visitors to your blog is also a basic requirement for a successful business. After all, it doesn’t help if you distribute the best content, but nobody pays attention to that.
    Currently, many people swear by Pinterest as a traffic source, while others use Twitter diligently. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which social networks are best suited to your goals and target audience.
    This is also important: pay attention to this and publish content with added value. That way, visitors will also come to your blog.

  • Become An Expert In Your Niche
    Ideally, you position yourself as an expert in the niche you have chosen. What is the topic that is close to your heart? It doesn’t matter whether it’s dog breeding or a certain technical gadget – find an area in which you really know your stuff and for which you can get excited.
    Then one thing leads to another, and if you continuously produce high quality content, you will be quickly perceived as a professional. 

  • Increase Your Visibility Through Guest Post
    To further increase your reach and visibility, you should write guest posts for other blogs with similar topics. Ideally, these blogs already have more followers and visitors than yours. Not only will you get a valuable link to your website, but you’ll also get new visitors, who ideally could become regular fans.

4 Ways To Earn Money With A Blog

  • Earning Direct Income With A Blog 
    But let’s finally come to the main subject here: How to make money with a blog – directly or indirectly. First of all, let’s talk briefly about the possibilities of monetising directly on your website.
    Secondly, let’s look at how you can use your blog as a platform and how it may become a tool to create new writing jobs – and even other sources of income you haven’t even thought of yet.

  • Create An Online Shop On Your Website
    Having your own online shop is not a bad idea to make money with a blog. Depending on the theme of your website, you can offer physical or virtual products. The advantage of virtual products like e-books is that your effort is basically unique. Once the product is published, all you have to do is promote it.

  • Earn Commissions Through Affiliate Marketing
    Anyone who wants to make money with a blog will sooner or later end up with affiliate marketing. This is how you create links to products on your website. If one of your visitors clicks on the corresponding link and then places an order with the corresponding provider, you will receive a proportional commission.
    This usually amounts to about 5-10% of the purchase price. So theoretically, the more expensive the linked products is, the more money you can make. The advantage of affiliate marketing is that even products that are not linked count if someone buys from the provider via your link. 

  • Offer “Sponsored Articles”
    Another way to earn money directly on your blog is to offer “sponsored articles”. More and more companies are discovering blogs as cooperation partners that enable them to market products in an authentic environment.
    Basically this works as follows: You agree on a certain amount of money with the company and then write a blog post. This must be correctly marked as an “advertisement” or “ad”.

But don’t overdo it with the number of these entries and above all, choose very carefully with whom you want to enter into such collaboration. After all, you don’t want your readers to get the impression that your blog has become a pure advertising platform.
A “sponsored post” only makes sense if you yourself are 100% convinced of what you write and can recommend it with a clear conscience. Believe me, your readers will notice this very quickly if you only want to make money with a blog and nothing else.

Earning Indirect Income With A Blog 

Now we come to the area that could be of most interest to you as a publisher. How can you use your blog as a platform to benefit indirectly from it?
Wouldn’t it be great if you could use your blog to generate well-paid text jobs and also report on your favourite topics? Because making money with a blog is not only possible directly and immediately on the website, but it can also be an excellent tool to present your skills to a wide audience

  • Your Blog As a Reference For Applications
    Would you like to apply for a job with an interesting customer, for example for a print magazine of special interest? What could be better than mentioning your well-managed and lovingly designed blog as a reference?
    This way, everyone in charge can see directly that you are REALLY interested in the topic, that you know about it and that you have something to say. With a bit of luck you will soon have your first writing assignment in your pocket.

  • Your Blog As Bait For Potential Customers
    Of course it would be even better if you didn’t have to apply at all, but if the customers would ask you themselves. This is also quite realistic. If you are perceived as an expert, sooner or later you will be contacted accordingly. 
    A lot of times companies will contact you asking to work together with you. You could become a spokesperson or a regular writer for a magazine.

  • Earn Money With Conferences
    Earn money with a blog – this can also be done indirectly by signing up as a speaker. If you have something to say on your topic, you may even be asked to do so by the organisers responsible for your subject area. 

  • Write A Book
    Another way to generate revenue from your blog is to write an e-book. Or maybe you want it to be a real printed book? Both options can be offered directly on your blog or sold on platforms like Amazon.
    Nowadays, you don’t need a publisher to do this. Of course, this approach has its advantages, and perhaps your presence on the Internet will create a contact in this direction that will help you move forward?

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, there are many ways to make money with a blog – directly or indirectly. Not only can you monetize the website through an online shop or affiliate marketing, but it also provides a platform for creating interesting jobs in the field of writing.
And this is certainly an aspect that many people are not so aware of when they think about how they could make money with a blog. Make full use of its potential. You will be thrilled by the unimaginable and great opportunities that can open up for you and your business!

But there is one thing you can never forget!
There is still a lot to do on a blog!

It takes a lot of passion, and if you are looking for fast money on the Internet, you are definitely wrong. But it’s a long-term investment that will ideally pay off in the long run.
Become an expert with the desire in your heart, inspire others and continuously build something that will satisfy your bank account – start with new opportunities!