Rover ~ Make $1000 a MONTH by Dog Walking and Dog Sitting!

Every person out there could use a new way to make more money and for people like me who just love dogs, this might be the perfect side hustle. It’s totally possible to make money pet sitting and you could make $1000 a month to just hang out with dogs and have a good time. 

This is the perfect side hustle for the kind of person who wants to have that companionship once in a while but doesn’t want to commit to being a full-time dog parent. 

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What is Rover? 

Rover is an amazing website and mobile app that connects pet parents with pet lovers. Rover offers a few amazing services including:

  • Dog Walking 
  • Dog Sitting 
  • Doggy Day Care 

The modern pet owner doesn’t want to be stuck at home every weekend and every summer just because they can’t bring the dogs where they want to go. Traditionally, the only options that were available to someone were to ask family/friends or to pay a bunch of money for a kennel where their dog isn’t properly cared for. Rover changes all of that!

The best thing about Rover is that they offer some seriously good insurance for both the pet owner and the pet sitter. This means you’re both protected for anything that could happen that was out of your control. 

If you decide Rover isn’t the kind of job you’d want, but you still want to get your dog walked or use them for dog sitting, get $20 towards your first booking for free! 

Who can be a Rover dog sitter/walker? 

The great thing about Rover is that anyone has the opportunity to sign up to be a dog sitting/walker. There are only two boxes that you must check off in order to be accepted. 

  • You must be at least 18 years of age – This is for liability because you aren’t legally allowed to sign some of the legal stuff when you’re not legally an adult 
  • You must pass a background check – You’re being trusted with a very important part of people’s lives, you need to have some sort of trust with the website and can’t have a huge criminal background 


How much can you make with Rover?

A great thing about Rover is that you are technically an independent contractor. This means that you don’t actually have any limits on the amount of money you can charge on their website. This doesn’t mean you should charge $100 for an hour of dog walking, but you can charge what’s competitive in your area!

Most Rover contractors are able to make a couple thousand dollars a year with the website using it only a couple times a month. 


How to sign up! 

To become a dog walker/sitter with Rover you’re going to start by filling out their online application and going through the background check process. Rover will send you an email within one week to let you know if you’ve been accepted to be a contractor for their website.

This means that within one week you could be running a low-cost, successful side business that could get you out of debt!


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Taylor O'Halloran

Hey! My name is Taylor O'Halloran and I'm a huge fan of saving money any way I can.I'm obsessed with dogs and I love all kinds of cheese even though my stomach hates it.  I'm a recent university graduate who just wanted to do her own thing and see what happens! Follow me on the journey!


  1. This is a great idea and a side hustle I don’t see mentioned often.I imagine it works better for those who live in cities?

    Whoever thought of this is probably making a killing!

    1. Taylor O'Halloran says:

      Isn’t it awesome? I’d assume it does, but I’m sure people can make it happen for them anywhere!

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