ullet journaling is one of those things that I aspire to do. As much as I wish I could say that all the ideas in this blog post were my own, or things that I’ve tried, I can’t. I own a bullet journal, this one in fact. I also own a bunch of pens and other cute things to make my bullet journal more fun!

I decided to write this post because I want to be inspired to actually break open my bullet journal and be one of those super creative and organized people. So, not only did I write this blog post for YOU but also for myself!

One really amazing thing about using a bullet journal to master your finances is that it isn’t as boring and technical as a traditional budget. As much as I love the Zero-Based Budget, it can get kind of technical and it makes it less fun to stick to. Bullet journaling your budget and savings will inspire you to work harder so you can continue to beautify your journal and get one step closer to financial freedom!

10 Beautiful Bullet Journal Layouts to Master Your Money

10 Beautiful Bullet Journal Layouts to Master Your Money

This $5,000 savings plan from Life’s Carousel is an awesome visual way to see how much money you’ve saved while still having a ton of fun doing it. I’m a really big fan of the champagne and the stars because it just makes me think of new years eve and new beginnings which could trick your mind into thinking saving money = new beginnings and that could inspire you a little harder.

beautiful bullet journal layouts to master your money via #notquiteanadult

This monthly budget bullet journal layout from @CardigansandChamomile is everything I want in a bullet journal layout in one. For one, that piggy is just the darn cutest! It has spots for saving, for tracking expenses, and for tracking your bills. If you only want to devote two pages a month to your budget inside your bullet journal, this would be a great option!

bullet journal layouts to master your money via #notquiteanadult

I’m not entirely sure of the source of this image (if you own it, let me know and I’ll link to you!) but it’s all over Pinterest. I love the idea of having all the different spending categories on the right side, but also figuring out how much of your paycheck goes into each on the right side. It’s a great visual representation of how a month went!

bullet journal to master your money via #notquiteanadult

This bullet journal page from My Blue Sky Design is awesome. It’s so interesting to see how much your utilities change from month to month, so in future years you can plan for that! This is something I’m definitely going to have to try.

10 Beautiful Bullet Journal Layouts to Master Your Money via #NOTQUITEANADULT

I couldn’t find the original poster of this one, but I must say it is my favourite layout I’ve ever seen. A lot of the time with personal finance, people take it too seriously and think everything needs to be perfect. This bullet journal layout is hilarious and it is one that I can totally relate to. I love the check boxes with “you have plenty of clothes” and “candy crush level up is not important” because they both hit home for me.

beautiful bullet journal layouts to master your money via #notquiteanadult

If you’re a fan of Dave Ramsey, you’ll love this debt snowball bullet journal layout. When following Ramsey’s teachings, it’s an amazing idea to make a visual representation of your efforts to keep you motivated because sometimes it can be hard to see that you’re actually making progress. This layout is an awesome way to do it! Via @DebtFreePanda 

beautiful bullet journal layouts to master your money via #notquiteanadult

I recently read this blog post from Funding Cloud Nine about how to create a spending log in a bullet journal and I was inspired. I told ya’ll in the intro that I really want to be the type of person who bullet journals! Having an up to date spending log is an awesome way to keep track of where you’re wasting your money and where you can do better.

bullet journal spreads to master your money in 2019 via #notquiteanadult

This page is one of the most creative I’ve seen, I’m a huge fan of Monopoly! This was created by @PlanWithSteff and it’s an amazing way to track your savings while also having a bit of fun!

beautiful bullet journal layouts to master your money via #notquiteanadult

This credit card payment tracker from The Petite Planner is an awesome way to track all of your debt payoff attempts at once! I’m a really big fan of the dot graph at the top of the page because I’m a super visual person. If you like to see your debt payments visually, this option could be a really good one for you!

bullet journal layouts to help you master your money #notquiteanadult

Okay, all saving money layouts don’t need to be boring! You can make them for things like saving money for trips as well! This las vegas savings page from Little Coffee Fox is a great representation of how cute they can be! Anyone who knows me, knows that travel is what I live for, so this is something I’ll definitely add to my bullet journal ASAP!


There are hundreds of ways to organize your personal finances and a new thing to do is use a bullet journal #bujo #bulletjournal where you can create creative bullet journal layouts for your money #finance