We could all use extra money, right? It seems these days that nobody has enough money to get through every week so looking for side hustles is a great thing to do!

Below I’ve listed 10 of my favourite side hustles that I’ve either done personally, or know someone who has done them that I 100% recommend! If you want to save this post for later, save it to Pinterest!

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10 Side Hustles to Make Extra Money

#1 – Blogging

Blogging is a really awesome way to make money without having to do a ton of work every single day. Don’t get me wrong, blogging is a lot of work to start off, but every day things get more and more streamlined and the money comes in easier and easier! Obviously, I’m a huge fan of blogging because it’s how I make my full-time income from my 3 blogs!

#2 – Freelance Writing

Before I ever had plans to start a blog of my own, I wrote a couple freelance articles for random websites on the internet. I learned from this that I absolutely LOVE writing blog content and that’s part of how I landed here. You can make anywhere from $10-250 per article depending on the niche and on your abilities and reputation. You can build an entire business by being a freelance writer!

#3 – Surveys

Okay, okay. Surveys aren’t going to make you a millionaire. But there is an opportunity to make a decent side income answering surveys about your life while watching TV. The best thing about doing surveys is that you can do them without having to use that much brain power before you kids wake up in the morning, or after they go to bed at night.

If you’re interested in trying out a survey website, check out American Consumer Opinion! I’ve tried a lot of survey websites in the last few years and this one is definitely my favourite, both for survey quality and pay out.

#4 – Driving for Uber

Driving for uber or lyft seems to be a great option for a side hustle these days! All you need is a car, a license, and a good attitude (mostly for dealing with drunk people, haha). You can make some really good tips driving for uber too!

If you want to try out uber, use my code when you sign up and get your first ride free! Code: tayloro1573ue

#5 – Host on Airbnb

Do you have an extra room in your home that you could rent out to travellers? Or do you have a significant other where you both have an apartment? You could rent out one apartment and sleep in the other! Hosting your home on airbnb is an amazing way to make extra money without having to really do that much work.

You just need to meet the person who’s renting the apartment when they arrive and then clean up after they leave! Easy money if you ask me. Plus, airbnb has up to a million dollars worth of liability insurance, just in case something bad were to happen. If you want to try out airbnb, either to rent a home, or to host your home, you can do that here!


#6 – Surf the Internet

Have you ever heard of the website Swagbucks? Swagbucks is this super cool website that has a search engine built in where you can earn points just for searching things you search for every day! You can also watch videos and answer surveys on Swagbucks to earn points. You’re able to trade these swagbucks in for gift cards and even paypal transfers for cash. You should definitely check out swagbucks as a way to earn a few dollars.

#7 – Sell Courses on Teachable

Have you ever heard of the awesome websites Teachable? It’s this amazing online platform where you can sell courses on just about anything. Personally, I haven’t sold courses on Teachable (yet) but I have taken a couple!

It’s really awesome because you can incorporate both text explanations and videos to really bring your point home. If you have some kind of talent or knowledge in a certain topic, you should see about teaching something on Teachable!

#8 – Manage Social Media

Obviously, you can’t get a giant business social media management job on the side, that’d be awesome though haha. I know a few people who have gone to small businesses in their city and convinced them that they needed a social media strategy to grow their business and they’re paid a couple hundred dollars a month to post some Instagram photos and Facebook posts!

I think this is a super cool way to make money because so many of us waste our lives away on social media anyway!

#9 – Teach English

If you have a bachelor’s degree you can work for a really awesome company called VIPKIDs. It’s a great side hustle because you get to teach english to kids in countries like China on a schedule that works for you! They pay really well and are a great option for a side hustle.

#10 – Be a Background Extra

This one isn’t going to be for everybody. If you live in a huge city where they film television or movies (i.e., Los Angelos, New York, Toronto, etc.) you can get hired as a background extra and get paid to just walk behind characters as they talk.

It’s pretty easy money and a really cool experience that I’d suggest to anybody who happens to be in an area where tv is made!


Final Thoughts

Making extra money is always a good thing, and these 10 things are really awesome to make some money every single day! If you do any of the things listed, let me know how it goes! I’m so curious if you have other ways that you make money on the side as well, let me know in the comments below!