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10 Ways to Trick Yourself into Saving Money

We could all use a little extra money in the bank at the end of the month, but sometimes saving money can be really hard. There are some tried and true ways you can save money, but most of them require a ton of effort and a lot of thinking and planning.

My favourite ways to save money are the ways that don’t require me to think much, or that save me money while it doesn’t feel like I’m saving money, y’know?

This blog post lists 10 of my absolute favourite ways to trick yourself into saving money that I think you should try too!

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10 Ways to Trick Yourself into Saving Money

#1 – Know Your Why

No matter what we’re talking about when it comes to money, I’m going to tell you to know your why. Why? Because if you don’t understand why you’re working towards something, you’re never going to be able to work hard toward something consistently.

There are a ton of different reasons why you could be trying to save more money. You could be working towards paying off debt, saving for a down payment on a car or house, or just trying to create a cushion for emergencies.

How does this trick you into saving money? Well, understanding your why helps you by always keeping the thought of what you’re working for at the front of your mind which forces you to think twice before making any unnecessary purchases!

Therefore, you essentially trick yourself into saving money every single day by just knowing and understand what you’re working toward.

#2 – Set Up Automatic Bill Payments

What’s the worst way to spend your money? Late fees.

The best thing you can do to trick yourself into saving money is to put all of your bill payments on auto-pay so that you never miss a payment. Not only will this increase your credit score because you’ll be consistent and never miss a payment, it’ll also make sure you’re never paying late fees on any of your accounts! woot!

#3 – Have a Budget

Budgeting is my favourite way to save myself some money because it gives you a plan for every dollar, which makes sure you won’t make any silly impulse purchases!

Budgeting also helps you to reach your financial goals faster and be able to invest more money or pay off your debt quicker which just means you’ll have more money to work with anyway!

I suggest you start out with the Zero-Based Budgeting Method because it’s simple, and easy to use.

#4 – Do Our Savings Challenge

Some people just really need a goal to work towards that’s small and manageable in order to be able to save money. That’s where savings challenges come into play! We created a 10-week money saving challenge that you can do in order to kickstart your savings goals.

#5 – Tell Yourself You Have NO Money

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a problem where when you get paid you have that money burning a hole in your pocket for a few days and you just have an intense need to spend it.

This is not going to be a great way to save money if you have an urge to overspend! This is why it’s a great idea to act like you have no money even when you do. Leave your wallet at home. Only bring the money you need for your necessary purchases and don’t bring your credit cards. Your money is there for you to cover expenses and saving, and that is all!

But please, don’t use the word broke. It’s actually been shown that calling yourself broke convinces you that you’ll never get out of that cycle and you’ll actually be broke longer.

#6 – Meal Plan

Not only does having a meal plan make your life easier but it also forces you to save money because you don’t waste nearly as much food as you do when you don’t have a plan. My favourite website for meal planning is called $5 Meal Plan, they send you a meal plan and a detailed grocery list each week for only $5 a month. You can get your first two weeks free!

#7 – Get Cash Back

When we do need to buy things, it’s really important to make sure you’re getting cash back anywhere you can because leaving this money on the table is just silly! My two favourite cash back websites are great options:

  1. Ebates: Ebates is the best cash back website for all of your online purchases, you can get up to 10% cash back on any purchase you make after clicking through from their links. Ebates services websites like Amazon, Sephora, and more. Try Ebates for free!
  2. Checkout 51: Checkout 51 is a great way to get cash back on groceries, which is a purchase that you have to make because we all need food. All you have to do is take a photo of your grocery receipt and Checkout 51 will give you cash back on certain products each week! Try it out for yourself!

#8 – Think of Prices as Time Worked

When I was in college I had a lot of wants but not a ton of needs and really needed to trick myself into saving money in a ton of small ways and this was definitely one of them.

Every time I would find something I thought I wanted I would take a few seconds in my head to figure out exactly how long I would have to work at my crappy coffee shop job to be able to afford it.

Usually, the item cost at least $100 which at $12.85 an hour (I was a supervisor with 5 years seniority, not a typical wage for most workers) would take way too long to pay for so I would put it back and just go home.

This saved me hundreds of dollars over the few years I was in college and it’s a great way to slow yourself down and really think about whether or not you need to make a purchase.

#9 – Increase Your Credit

Most people don’t understand just how important credit scores are and just how much money a good credit score can save you. When you have a good credit score you get lower interest rates on just about everything which can save you a ton of money in the long run.

If you’ve experienced a recent credit score drop you should really find out why it decreased and work hard to get it back up before trying to borrow any more credit so you can save money in the long run!

#10 – Only Use Cash

Paying for all of your purchases with cash will convince your brain to buy less because you aren’t able to go over the limit of what’s in your wallet! It’s the oldest trick in the book.

Every big money blogger will tell you that using cash is one of the best ways to save money without really having to put that much effort into it.

Bonus Tip: Let Yourself Live

I know that it seems like when you’re saving money you don’t get to have a life anymore, but that doesn’t have to be the case. You don’t have to put yourself in jail just because you need to cut costs. Let yourself live. Treat yourself once in a while. Have a life because life is short. 

how to trick yourself into saving money | 10 simple tips to save money without thinking about it every single day | this blog posts talks all about saving money through budgeting, through automatic bill payments, and through paying with cash #budget #money #notquiteanadult

Final Thoughts

Having extra money in the bank at the end of the month is a really great thought and it can be easy if you do these small tricks to make yourself save money.

Some of our other best stuff about saving money:

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10 ways to trick yourself into saving money without having to put in too much work | are you ready to change your personal finance mindset forever? You don't have to do crazy things in order to save money, you can make small financial changes and save tons of money this year! #finance #money #personalfinance

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